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  1. Im selling my 1996 series 2 R33 Gts-t $7000 Quick sale is needed due to starting a new job. Selling without RWC and Plates due to lack of time to get it done so im very flexible on price. 178000kms Manual 3" Turbo back exhuast Hi flow turbo Blitz LMC Intercooler Blitz Suspower Air filter Hks turbo timer Wolf 3d v4 plug-in ECU Blitz SBC I-D Boost Controller Yellowjacket Coils Bosch 040 in-tank fuel pump Autometer boost & air fuel ratio gauges Alarm system 18" Wheels Very regretful sale lots of $$$ spent on the car Also comes with a few stock parts including airbox for rwc. Over 200kw's In Geelong Victoria
  2. Looking for coil pack loom for s2 r33 rb25det post or pick up in melb area.
  3. Hey Guys When fitting the stealth wing with sicaflex did u guys put a rubber pad under it like the original spoiler or just glue the wing straight 2 the boot. Cheers.
  4. Thanks for all the imput guys really appreciate it. Cheers
  5. Hey Guys. Im lookin at getting a set of Tomei Poncams for my 1996 Gtst but i dont know in which month it was made i know in late 1996 they changed the CAS which changes the S1 and S2 cams and was just wondering if there is a way of checkin without opening anythin up. I looked at the import papers and plates in the engine bay and couldn't find anythin if i miss read the plates or there is another way 2 check it would be great 2 know. Cheers
  6. I found that throttle body cleaner works really well aswell
  7. Hey Guys Had a look on a few topics and couldn't really find anythin can someone please tell me where abouts the fuel pump groundwire is in a r33 because i have been told to re-ground it because this could fix a problem im having at the moment, any help would be great. Cheers.
  8. I replaced mine last weekend with a Z200 which is fine incase anyone was unsure about them.
  9. Ah ok thanks i thought the black smoke could of been that it was a bit flooded tryin 2 start it so many time but i will try the afm thing cheers.
  10. Oh thanks for that munkeyb0y but the fuel level atm is bout 3qrts so dont think thats the prob, and too answer 4drftn yea when i turn the ignition on i hear the pump same as always.
  11. Yea it is a aftermarket pump bosch 040. Thanks heaps for that will give it a go and see if it helps.]
  12. Hey Guys. Just wondering if anyone thinks could be something else than my fuel pump. The problem started a couple of days ago when i went to start my car it spluttered and carried on and conked out did this bout three of four times then was fine, yesterday pulled up and when i did the car died and i couldn't get it to start at all just splutted and would die today tried again same thing managed to sort of keep it running and it had a huge amount of black smoke come out the exuast when i opened the throttle. So im hoping its only my fuel pump but if anyone has any ideas if it might be something else it would be great to know. Cheers Brad.
  13. Hey guys I was thinkin about selling my personalized plates (eatan8) just wondering if it is much stuffin around and also how much should i ask??? Cheers
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