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  1. I went with the Centric Posi-quite ceramic pads. Feels like they were made for it. Not grabby at all but scrubs off speed quickly
  2. The adapter I used was from Street Faction for the Z32. Total cost was under $500 us
  3. I couldn't find pictures of a completed ctsv brake swap on a r32 before I did mine. I used the 4 piston calipers with evo 8 rotors.
  4. I'm in the states so I can't go to Nissan and just pick one up. If anybody could help me out I would appreciate it greatly. I don't want to go back together without replacing it.
  5. The lube that's included with the Claymagic kit is actually Automagic's 49 Body Shine which is a quick detailer.
  6. I'm also going to a air to water setup. A forward facing plenum would actually be more piping. The car will be used for drag racing and maybe a little cruising so power is the main goal. Also, if you look at the back of the factory plenum there is a significant amount of runner built into it, that is lost when you go to a bolt on plenum.
  7. I haven't ever seen anybody post flow bench results proving the forward facing plenums make more power. Until someone does I don't see a reason to give up any intake runner length.
  8. May have hit a small snag. I started getting things put together and when I went to put the timing belt on it was pretty tight. I'm thinking that the 3mm head gasket took up too much of the slack in the timing belt.
  9. Decided to go a different way than the Reimax gears. Picked up a set of cam gears while I was at it. Should start putting things together this weekend.
  10. I'd like to know if there will be an option for the guys that already have one of the pumps to get a spline drive gear set?
  11. Roy, I'm assuming the 260/8.8 were the Tomei procams and if so did you degree them to Tomei spec? I was running these when my engine was last together and heard that while the poncams can be dropped in that all of the procams need to be degreed. Are at least that's what I understood after translating a couple of Tomei Japans pages.
  12. This was the email that was forwarded to me. What I had been told was that the housing and backing plate materials were changing. Housings being finished off this week and assembly will start again next week. I have about 40 back orders to fill but will advise as we are getting through them. Not long now. Regards Andrew McIntosh Sales Manager Nitto Performance Engineering
  13. Anyone know why Nitto is redesigning it's oil pump? I've talk to the vendor I'm getting mine from and searched around but, I can't find an anwser.
  14. Finally something to update. The block is back home. I'm going to pick up a set of the Reimax oil pump gears and then start on final assembly. Want to add on to the oil pan sump as well.
  15. Had this spacer made up so the throttle body clears the valve cover. Was going to go with a phenolic material but, the thickness made doing it in aluminum easier. Also picked up some other goodies recently. solution to the pathfinder transmission shifter placement
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