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  1. Takata harness sold. Race Technology Dash2 and S15 Guards sold pending payment. Sorry mate, only what's listed.
  2. Hi all I have the following parts from a S15 track car I was building, however life has gotten in the way and I'm parting out my track car build as it has been collecting dust. 1. S15 shell. Non rolling, non registerable. Straight shell. Stripped of interior and all glass except windscreen. Still has dash, steering wheel and all loom/electrics. Will not come with exterior panels. Engine bay is bare. $1200 2. Rebuilt Front and Rear R33 GTR Brembo callipers with brand new front Slotted and Dimpled RDA rotors, standard rear rotors, standard pads. All 4 callipers were rebuilt prior to callipers being placed in storage. Caliber paint condition is good. $2100 3. Racetech RT4000W Seat. Good condition. $800 4. Set (4) of Toyo R888 285/35R18. Brand new, half a track day old. Engine blew through second session. They have been stored indoors wrapped in plastic. $750 5. Race Technology Dash2 dash. Intended to be used to monitor and log engine vitals, however project is no longer going ahead. $550. 6. Set of Project Mu HC+ brake pads to suit Brembo R32 V-Spec I & II, R33 GTR (all models) and R34 GTR (all models). Brand new, still in plastic in box. $400 7. S15 Reo bar. $370 8. S15 left and right doors. Complete with electrics, windows and door cards. $350/pair 9. S15 left and right front quarter panels. $300/pair. 10. Takata 5 point harness. EXP 2010. Good condition. $50 More parts to come as they are removed from the car. PM me Cheers Joseph
  3. Thanks mate, much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys Why is it that the Dash2 software is no good?
  5. Hi guys I'm in the process of putting together a data acquisition package from Race Technology ( http://www.race-technology.com ) for my track-only S15 and am unsure as for how I should be approaching this. I'm wanting to run a standalone data-logging package as I haven't yet chosen what ECU I'll be using, as I still haven't figured out what engine I'll running - either a SR20DET or a LSx. I already have a Dash2, so am looking at purchasing the following: DL1 Club http://www.race-technology.com/dl1_club_2_31371.html Water temp Oil temp Air temp Oil pressure Fuel pressure Air pressure sensor AFRs GPS GPS-based speed Lap timing Is there anything I'm missing? Or should be aware of? Any hints or tips will be greatly appreciated! Cheers
  6. Excited to watch this progress! You've done well so far!
  7. Can truly appreciate the effort that has gone into this! Keep it up mate, fantastic
  8. FS: S13 Onevia rolling shell. Unregistered atm, however can be registered. If buyer wants, can negotiate removal of some parts to decrease price. Has no engine, gearbox, driveshaft or exhaust. Body: - 180SX front +20mm fenders - CA pignose front bar - Standard Silvia bonnet - Rear +20mm widebody guards (not yet installed) - Rolled + pumped rear standard guards Braking - Cusco BMC Stopper Front: - R32 GTST Brake Calipers - Slotted Brake discs - Unknown brake pads - ADR approved HEL brake lines Rears: - R32GTR Brake Calipers - Cross-Drilled rotors - Unknown brake pads - R33GTST Drum Handbrake assembly + cables - Eagle auto handbrake adapter plate - ADR Approved HEL brake lines Suspension - FETs Front Strut Brace - FETs Rear Strut Brace Front: - Sunline Racing S14 Front Coilovers - S14 front knuckles + 5 stud hubs - S15 Front Lower Control arms - Nismo Power Brace 2 - Circuit Sports castor arms - S15 Tie Rods and Ends - Energy Suspension uprated steering rack bushes - S13 front sway bar - Fender braces - GKTech solid steering column bush Rear: - S14 Rear Subframe - SMM conversion solid subframe risers - SPL solid diff bushes - Tein S13 rear coilovers - S14 lower control arms - S14 rear knuckle - S15 standard suspension arms - S15 rear sway bar Interior - Safety 21 5 point bolt in roll cage - Stripped interior - Sound deadening removed - Removed AC and assoc. piping - Removed Heater and assoc. piping - HKB Boss kit - Nardi Classic 360mm Steering Wheel - Blue titanium steering wheel bolts - Sparco fighter driver's seat - fuse box and battery relocated to passenger side seat Drive line - 4.36 open diff Engine bay - Circuit Sports Aluminium Radiator Overflow Currently rolling on a set of S15 wheels. Looking for $3000 ono, open to serious offers. Can negotiate decreasing the price by removing parts. Cheers
  9. Thanks guys! Any possibility that the motor may be seized having been outside for a while? Cheers
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