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  1. Hoping someone can help. Instead of using z32 AFM as an upgrade, are RB25 owners able to use the RB25NEO AFM as an upgrade. Z32 stands out a fair bit but would have thought that the RB25NEO AFM would have been bit more sleeper look and provide the gains. Hopefully this all makes sense.
  2. This maybe a long shot but worth asking. WTB I am after clips for the weather shield for R33. If anyone has any I would greatly appreciate it. I can be contacted via pm
  3. This maybe a long shot but worth asking. WTB I am after clips for the weather shield for R33. If anyone has any I would greatly appreciate it. I can be contacted via pm
  4. As long as you upgrade the brakes and have everything stock, you should be fine. I believe there is an emissions test involved as well but not 100% sure on it. Dion had his converted maybe look him up. I don't think he frequents here much but would be on facebook.
  5. holy shit this is seriously messed up. The penalties for this crims are not high or harsh enough so they keep doing shit like this. Maybe they should start chopping the hands of car thieves.
  6. Check out the workshop thread in the sticky section mate. There are some that you might find near you. I personally use Boostworx, been using them since I got my car and have not had any issues with them. I know a few mates of mine have used other workshops around the place and speak highly of them too, so it all comes down to experience. I like to go back to the same workshop as they know the car since I got it from day 1. I think Graham West Workshop or Southern Hi Tech Dyno might be close to you.
  7. Insurance is based on the youngest driver. So even if the car is under your parents name and you are listed on the list of drivers, than it is calculated for the youngest driver. Best bet is to call up insurance company's. Shannons and Just Car were the 2 that I had to go through when I was 21. Good luck with it all.
  8. This is exactly the problem that I was having with my 33. This issue points to the AAC valve. This is the valve that allows air into the motor when the throttle is closed, hence keeping the motor running. This normally has a carbon buildup and clogs the airways. That DIY link that was posted up is exactly what I used to take the aac off and give it a good cleaning. Problem solved.
  9. ^^ as mentioned above. Give the AFM a good clean, take it for a run and see how that goes. Also by getting Synergy to do a service, what was done as part of the servicing? Stalling is a known issue with the BOV being blocked off, even though I have yet to experience it for myself as yet.
  10. Dude read the forum rules. There is a for sale section in the sticky threads.
  11. Yeah he can talk the ears off a rabbit mate.
  12. oh what. I was going to go and see the wolfman this weekend. Ah well
  13. I have always used Bob Jane's at Prospect, on Main North Road. Clint, the guy who does the alignment has been there for a long time and certainly knows his stuff. Always have been happy with their service and price.
  14. Krishy

    R33 Owners

    I think I have liked that group on Facebook
  15. Spikes Auto Crash is another one in Salisbury South. He seems to be very good with the panel beating stuff.
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