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  1. Taxi33

    True! I should've put more effort into advertising them before now. Ohwell they look nice in my room
  2. Taxi33

    Hey guys! Still for sale ! Selling for $1300 now pickup. Cheers
  3. Taxi33

    You used to be cool man!
  4. Taxi33

    Bump xD Still FS!
  5. Taxi33

    Got to love carpark spot whoreing
  6. Taxi33

    Lol! That's awesome
  7. Taxi33

    Hey guys, Was nice too meet some new faces! Especially the couple for SA! Good luck with everything and hope to see you at a next meet I was quite scared as my car has some illegal bits n peices hehe. It's quite annoying that when speaking to the officer he accepted that everything was fine and indicated that he was going to leave us alone but instead of leaving he parked Hope it works out okay Femno
  8. Taxi33

    bump Also if you guys call, can you please make sure not to call on a private number Otherwise PM me on SAU, cheers
  9. Taxi33

    See you guys there
  10. Taxi33

    Lol! Bl
  11. Taxi33

    Haha noooo don't say that !! I know, they're pretty awesome.. i'm sure i'll miss them. Though im in need of cash! Thanks alot for posting the video Which denons did you have? They're awesome
  12. Taxi33

    Bump, Price drop! Someone take these away !!
  13. Taxi33

    First post update =]
  14. Taxi33

    Aw f*k yeh, CD meet. Friday?