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  1. Cake

    Any photos mate? Keen to see how they sit. Also any guard mods required or just rolled? Cheers
  2. Cheers guys, yeah nisskid I thought that may be the case. Should clear the standard brakes ok, and not rub on the suspension? Also what's a reasonably stretched tyre size to fit on an 18 x 9.5 wheel? A few of you say guard flaring, do you mean rolling?
  3. Anyone know whether a set of 18 x 9.5 +20 wheels would fit on a 33 GTS-t coupe, front & rear? Just want to make sure that there would be clearance all round. Cheers
  4. Cake

    Do you just want to kill the pain or get her back? Also were you still putting out much in the past 6 months of the relationship? Could be a contributing factor that is often overlooked in long term relationships.
  5. I've now uploaded all of the photos which I took on the cruise into a gallery. If you would like any of the photos sent to you in a higher resolution just PM or email me. Click here to view the gallery: Cheers Chris
  6. Here are a few photos from today, will be putting more up soon!
  7. Please change my name to Cake
  8. Cake

    it's the compressoR suRgE yo!!1
  9. BUMP! Still no luck...
  10. Still chasing a headlight!
  11. Cake

    same here... powerfc with bee*r rev limiter, all good.
  12. Cake

    my car has passed the pits twice with wider rims. firstly when it was complied, then last year to remove a yellow sticker... both times had 17x8(f), 17x9® rims on.
  13. Cake

    After pm'ing Tosh I recieved an email from Powerplay. I've been told that the confirmed arrival date for the bumper is Dec 16th. I just hope there are no more delays.
  14. Cake

    Thanks Kennedy, got in contact with Tosh just then.