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  1. I have an N16 hatch 1.8, best car ever. 750k on 55ltr doing 110kph. has genie exhaust.
  2. I have an S14 with nismo coilovers. love em!
  3. School? did you see the spelling. on topic > have another crack at the car sales thing mate.
  4. Time to move on... he has tested your spending skills and is now exploiting you.
  5. the old saying Hey 'you get what you pay for'
  6. What do you mean can't get it cut? try a real locksmith not the Mr keycut at woolies. I assume it slides in the barrel?
  7. Scrap REVS get a VCHECK it includes all the info needed.
  8. Scrap REVS get a VCHECK it includes all the info needed.
  9. I'll take the injectors... sms 'injectors GC' to O417726O48 for call back.
  10. This repairable Write-off list is a joke.... There is nothing wrong with your car, as a matter of fact it probably has a lot of newer parts on it than most. Insurance Accesser's are putting cars on that god damn list for no good reason. There are plenty of dodgy cars that get patched up all the time and people will never know about it or ever be put on the list. ( be glad your in the know) On the plus side yours has been recognized as such and will be repaired and inspected to be as good as new. get over it people..... next time do a v-check and if repairable write-off comes up re-negotiate the price to favour you.
  11. That works! The 33 can look so good with polished headlights... I've done quite a few now.
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