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  1. Hey guys i have recently got a DR30 running an FJ20 Turbo. i need the factory values for the: - Temperautre Sensor - Throttle Position Sensor, i also need: - Schematic Vaccuum Digram, - Emission COntorl Diagram, aswell as the: - Fuel Pressures at various revs (at perimeters manifacturor requires) any help would be greatly appreciated to get her running back to normal as she is overfueling. thanks heaps john
  2. Please email me if u have or know anyone with a DR30 coupe for sale!!! regards JD
  3. Hey guys, can anyone help me with possible modifications to an L20et in my HR30 Skyline? kinda stuck on where to go no with this engine.... currently running 12psi on I/C and exhaust, but want a little more out of it (If i can get it!!!). Would injectors and fuel pump get me anywhere decent or upgrade to an RB20 turbo a better option??? Or do i try and get an FJ20et? also anyone got a DR30 for sale? deadset serious please email me. cheers JD
  4. can anyone help me? im looking to lower my 1984 R30 turbo and have no idea wat shocks or suspension kits to get? can anyone help me with brand names, product numbers, etc. preferrably cheaper the better, ive had quotes of around $1000NZD fitted. Is this a massvie ripoff? or a roundabout ball park figure? cheers JD
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