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  1. There was a sticker on eBay not a long ago which I can't no longer find of a sticker figher man walking his Godzilla with a rope around it's neck and the words "my family..." it rocks...hahaha
  2. Hey guys, I was driving tonight and noticed that the dash light on my R33 started flicking on/off for a few minutes then eventually died out completely. I have checked the fuse and all seems to be intact no sign of blown fuse (which one controls the dash light anyway?) so am thinking it's the globes? I changed my dash globe nearly 3 years ago to aftermarket blight blue ones so it wouldn't surprise me if it's finally blown but here's the thing - my stand-alone boost gauge (I did not wire it up) is connected to my headlights so when it is turned on my dash lights / boost gauage also lights up but both are out now so is it fuse or globes? If fuse, any suggestions and can you please pinpoint exact one needs replacing? Cheers
  3. Hi guys, I bought a pair of Autoforce Wyco weathershields for my R33 and had them fitted about a month ago but have since decided I don't like the look so have removed them. They are virtually brand new and still have the 3M tape intact although not fully attached but can easily be replaced with any double-sided tape. I bought them for $90.00 of the exact seller below but just want them to go to a new owner cheap so chasing $70.00 so pick up a bargain. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NISSAN-R33-SKYLINE-RB25-WEATHER-SHIELD-WEATHERSHIELD-WINDOW-DOOR-VISOR-GUARD-/271297030634?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f2a9029ea Pickup is from Sunshine 3012 in VIC only. SMS me on 0401 966 954 and I will arrrange to meet you somewhere in the Western suburbs. Cheers Spunky
  4. Looks like BBA rims. Not sure on design or value.
  5. Nice . Tell us why you find the first two F & F movies inspired you to do all these recent mods to your car?
  6. Thanks mate. Looks quite nice but better without GTR wing.
  7. Are the front inner guard air ducts still available? Please PM me if still available
  8. You cannot as far as I know. You will need to modify the R34 one to fit
  9. Roof spoilers off eBay never fit nice. You need to get a panel place to heat the ends up and slight curve downward before painting and fitting.
  10. You mean, you wanna put it in the rear boot shinning up thru speakers area? By why would you??
  11. Hey, your GTst actually looks good with the roof spoiler. I think I may give it miss as just doesn't good with GTR spoiler for some reason
  12. Thanks everyone. I have decided to not proceed with the roof spoiler. I agree that with the GTR wing on the Zilla just looks kinds funny.
  13. Question: now that you got your racing decal. Are you going to start focusing on performance now?
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