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  1. I'm willing to meet half way between here and Brissy to sell these if it helps
  2. quick sale needed!! set of bronze drift tech 17 inch rims with near new falken azenis 255/40 tires 95% tread +30 gtr skyline offset, rims have no gutter rash or scratches $800
  3. 2muchredbullgtr

    my r 32 gtr

    gtr pics
  4. hey ive got fairly stock r32 gtr ive broken two boxers both times 3 gear went not sure if my clutch was part of the problem os gykin triple plate?? is a triple plate clutch over kill 4 a standed gearbox??
  5. hey i own a black 1992 r32 gtr with a r34 rb26 in it and i like to put a power fc in it but im not sure witch one 2 buy one 2 suit r32 gtr or a 34 gtr ?can anyone help me please?
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