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  1. Check out Protein King at www.proteinking.com.au They are really cheap and helpful
  2. Hey all! Going through the dilemma of getting a defect cleared. Anyone have the stock R33 airbox lying around I can borrow/buy? Aiming to get car engineered on Friday or Saturday, I have spoken with Morry AKBARIAN in Hornsby and Steven JANDA in Illawong. Anyone used either of these two? Or have any suggestions on a good engineer? Thanks in advance
  3. Funny how police and skyline checks are always included after a great night out!
  4. That is the annoying thing though, I am leaving straight from work to get on plane at 750 to go to perth till Saturday night. So I cant check till sunday...lol Ah well, I will live.. Post up some pics here once you get them in
  5. Well I just received an sms from my brother saying a package has arrived for me. Not 100% sure if it is lights, but I hope so. Am bloody keen to put them in car!!! Aarrggghhhh
  6. Not to worry WKD (I speak for myself...lol).. Updates would be great, as I believe we are all anxious to chuck em in the cars!
  7. Hey WKD, What is the score on the parkers? Any idea as to when they will arrive?
  8. R33 boots have arrived and fitted to car, perfect fit and A+ grade quality. Great to deal with. Thanks!

  9. Haha, I am sure that would keep the road lit up for you to see all!!
  10. Some more money coming through is always good
  11. Come on guys, we need to get the money in!
  12. Sweet I will post some pics up once I receive and install them
  13. August or September sounds good Keep us posted and I am in!
  14. Hey! Have just made full payment of $175=globes($160)+parkers($15) Should have it in the next day or so as I bank with Westpac. I put secret32 as the payment description to make it easier for you to locate it on your bank statement I will PM you my address in a moment Thanks heaps for organising this GB!
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