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  1. gday all. Has anyine managed to get the torque split gauge on the manual tripple gauge cluster to work in c34 auto? I know its probably been covered before and i did look but found nothing. cheers
  2. Took out the crap Febest bits tension rod bushes that only lasted 50,000ks. Replaced with oem. Bit expensive but they'll last 150 probably. No more wanders! And new sway bar links. Oem. No more clunking! Drives nice again.
  3. And re conversion. Dont bother . Buy a manual. or get auto shift kit fom mv automitics in adelaide and live with auto. Not so bad. As long as you have s2. If s1 sell and get s2.
  4. hey i got some kyb lowfers for mine for 550 delivered. Not coilovers. Direct fit made for stageas. From japan. been good . Lower but not silly. And comfy. Huge difference in handling. Try jesse streeter. He looked after me well.
  5. rare as pure rocking horse poo. Prob better off finding after market set up....
  6. The small black locator bung neefs sealing as well. Goes into the same chamber.
  7. Hey excellent. thanks. Weve probably seen each other on the road sometime! Love to have a look a the conversion....drool drool
  8. Damn wombats! Now in need of an S2 bumper, white if possible, washer bottle inc motors and rt hand inner guard liner. Cheers
  9. Surprising no one has done a reproduction of the days bumper. In my mind is he only body kit that looks right on a Stagea. Except r34 front of course.
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