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  1. On the fuel side of things,, 02 sensor replacement didn't make any real change for me, maybe a few extra km over the old kaput sensor. Others have said it made a lot of difference. Check for cracked/old vacum hoses, intake hoses and bov hose, that makes a fair bit of difference, also a fresh set of spark plugs, as they may not have been changed in a while on some. I went from 16-18L per 100km to now getting consistent 14.1 - 14.8L per 100km city/suburb driving after doing the hoses and plugs. On recent trip with a mix of city/suburb/hwy got down to 11.7L per 100km with the neo motor/4wd. Check for front drive shaft L/R play if going for 4wd, put it on full lock left and right test in forward and reverse listen for clunks. On auto's if the car stalls when you come to a stop and/or the AT light coming on randomly + locking out 1st gear (safe mode), more than likely needs new solenoids.
  2. I got mine here about 4-5 years ago as the originals were flickering. http://marsperformance.com.au/products?cat=8 Cost me around $90-100 and they are philips, still going fine.
  3. I was getting 300-320km a tank until recently in the S2 auto, was hovering around 16->18L/100km. Change of spark plugs, cracked/hardened vacuum hoses and air intake hoses now down to 14.2->14.8L/100km and getting 400km a tank
  4. Never got the 400km out of a tank, above was best result. Also that was with the boost solenoid mod :). Without the boost solenoid mod fuel consumption got worse again, I guess 8psi approx is a sweet spot. Also I recommend if you haven't swapped your spark plugs ever, like me until today, definitely check em found two not tight affecting compression, in turn economy and they were just old as.....
  5. I'm only guessing, but maybe the hoses to your boost T are back the front? I followed Shorty_01 pics/notes in the post above dated Oct 2. 2010, also I have the same turbotech and it worked a treat. Me being me, I suggest double check the instructions that came with boost T, again compare pics peeps have posted, re-check the hoses as they go through / come out of that rubber sleeve in case they have twisted around and not in the sequence expected.
  6. Regrettably another price drop, $260. Wish to move these along. ps. The postage is already paid for with Aus Post bx2 box in pics above.
  7. Hi All, Checkout the google translate app on android phones/tablets. I was just playing around a few mins ago with the talk/translate feature (never used it b4), then noticed the camera icon, low and behold you can point the camera at various languages, printed or on the computer screen and magically they turn to English/Engrish in front of you. Quite impressed
  8. Price drop $300. Really want to move these, so can have a bit of space in the garage again.
  9. Can you splice into the loom from the C/L box? As opposed to soldering onto the I/C board? Prefer not to overheat the I/C's and wreck them...
  10. Hi All, Just thought i'd share this little snippet of info so y'all not having to traipse about from auto store to store, or search ebay + pay delivery then the wait for the postie. (i'm impatient for car goodies). The map lights up front near your rear vision mirror are BA9S. I replaced my originals a few weeks back with the ones from jaycar and very impressed with brightness (white) and not harsh on the eyesight, lights up cabin similar to old style globes...just better Took a pic of the passenger side, as on driver side phone camera picking up too much glare (not true to life), where i was sitting. https://www.jaycar.com.au/ba9s-led-globe-6x5730-leds-canbus-compatible/p/ZD0734 ZD-0734 BA9S bayonet 150 lumens As for the courtesy light and above your head and in the rear cargo area, they are 31mm Festoon type globe. I've got some old school blue LED's from my R31 roof & door lights (GXE/Ti models) which are currently in use (16yrs), have a nice ambient glow........ However these days SMD LED's are the current technology.... spotted the following at Supercheap before posting, haven't tried yet... but will check'em out / give em a go. http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/Product/Narva-Interior-Globes-LED-Cobalt-Blue/415043 YES, I HAVE LEFT DOOR AJAR / LIGHT ON MANY TIMES TO FIND FLAT BATTERY IN MORNING. (GRRR!) LED's can be the difference on needing a jump start. (LOL). Cheers Pete
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