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  1. Hope insurance helped you out. I looked on ebay whenever i could for key parts but didnt see anything. Cops found the car torn apart a week later in fitroy - all the good parts gone including wheels intercooler stereo gauges. They even took the bonet and quarter panels. The cops said it was dry weather so they may be able to get some good clear prints off the car but i havent heard anything since. I'm just glad insurance took care of it.
  2. If anyone was interested, my car was found on westgarth st Fitzroy interior torn apart bonnet and quarter panels gone wheels changed to stockies. Really hope the cops get good prints. Gotta wAit to hear from insurance now. I was trying to sell it but jeez it still hurts a lot
  3. Hey guys my R33 was stolen from Lalor station today between 7:30am and 6pm while i was at work. If you see it around please call the police, a report has been filed. R33 1996 Series2 [uYA-524] Note worthy features: silver carbon fiber fog light surrounds blitz front mount return flow intercooler black drifteks trust exhaust trust peII exhaust sau sticker on drivers rear quarter window The rest of the mods are minor - the above mods give it a relatively unique appearance within the northern suburbs. Dont think ive seen any other silver r33s with black drifteks around here. Might not be the case with other areas though.
  4. Since I can't edit the first post, here's my number to call or sms - 0403 157 616
  5. I am in the northern suburbs For that price - yes rwc will be included. I am open to further discussions regarding rwc and price though.
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