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  1. Philips are a great brand, but be prepared to pay the big money. I have had success with the cheaper Chinese brand, they lasted around 5 years from memory and then changed them again to the same brand before I sold the car a few years ago. Most people change their cars often so not worth the extra $ investment in my opinion.
  2. That decodes to; BNR32-000906 aug 1989 build series 1 Japanese Import GTR ( not Australian delivered) KH2 = gunmetal grey metallic Very early build GTR with that chassis number. Update LOL- Duncan you beat me to it.
  3. Thanks does it have a silver build plate in the engine bay as well as the blue plate similar to the attached? If so it is Australian delivered. Apologies to who's build plate I used as the example.
  4. Give us the chassis number and model number in full as it appears on the blue plate in the engine bay.
  5. So based on the registry at the moment; 118 N1's produced between 09/1991-12/1992 64 N1 VSpec produced in 1993 63 N1 VSpec 2's produced in 1994 Total 245 N1's produced (not 228 as previously thought). How many are still in existence is anyone's guess.
  6. Yes almost 4 years ago when I made those comments, it was based on my own research, but had no hard data to go by. I think all will be confirmed soon with the great work done as above - I've used the GTR registry for many other GTR models and it is a great revelation. Tony
  7. With the "6U9000" prefix to the vin that is not an ADM. It is a sept 1992 JDM model, factory silver. July 1991 to June 1992 JDM models were not not allowed to be imported because of the ADM models being locally delivered here through Nissan Australia.
  8. Andreas - you are a very lucky guy! I remember your car very well when it came up for Auction as it was very hard to forget! Just to clarify, $35K was car cost only plus associated import costs?
  9. I can also vouch for Ox Forex- used twice before when I imported directly and both times were very good rates as you have stated. I don't know how long the negative interest rates in Japan will take to make the exchange rate more attractive for us though.....
  10. Bob you are right about recent Japan prices and the currency changes - I have myself tracked the market over the last few years and even imported directly. But... The question was what it was worth in the Australian market and frankly the local market hasn't caught up with the overseas market in my opinion. Not yet anyway! Heck i was looking at this vspec in black,109,000km from auction a little while ago for around $25k landed and complied (81 yen to dollar). In hindsight that was one I should have bought, only missed out by a little! http://www.j-spec.com.au/recent/1993-NISSAN-SKYLINE-GT_R_V_Spec_-154270.html And here another recent one for under $30k landed and complied , vspec2, grade 4b, white, 65,000km http://www.j-spec.com.au/recent/1994-NISSAN-SKYLINE-GT_R_V_Spec_2-187208.html Both the above examples didn't have any Japanese reg "shaken" left so we're good value for export. The ones you have cited mostly have reg plates and 'shaken' left and so can increase the sale prices a few thousand dollars over no 'shaken' vehicles and they are usually sold locally in Japan for that reason. i would be interested to hear what others think as well.... Where is Iron Chef???
  11. I have a slightly different opinion. I would say $25K-$35K depending on originality/mods, service history (local/Japan or both), overall condition and color. The $35K to $45K+ bracket would be reserved for (genuine) low mileage cars and under the psychological 100,000 km mileage, vspec 1 or 2- not much difference in price in my opinion.
  12. On the white grade 5A Vspec II, 31,000km, nice car indeed, sold for 3600000 yen car cost, with some shaken left, you would have needed around $50,000 landed and complied + registration costs.
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