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  1. Thanks for the hook up, works like new ?
  2. That could work, what are you chasing for it? Waverley area.
  3. Hey guys, recently my power antenna started grinding, pulled it apart and the plastic stem is snapped, there's a few links on this forum but all old and don't work, what antenna stem replacement kits have people used? eBay has a few for a 200sx, and for Nissan patrols, any ideas? Cheers.
  4. For sale my Trust cat back 3inch exhaust system, could do with a clean up and some paint, bolts up like stock, tight to the body, mid muffler is blown and either requires removal or replacement, has a nice deep tone with out being too Loud, pick up eastern suburbs Melbourne, chasing $100
  5. Nice, do you have any other pictures? I'm very interested, the cat back part of my trust system is past stuffed haha
  6. Hey mate, does the cat flange definitely meet up with a standard gtst cat mounting?
  7. motor still available? was it stock / stock turbo? many kms? removed yet? cheers.
  8. fair enough man! thanks for that advice, now to find one for a decent price local
  9. power does not concern me, but to have my 33 reliable for another 5 years or so would be sweet, with the neo, did you do a whole conversion with ecu and loom or a long motor swap out with 33 electrics?
  10. just have to hope the seller is honest about its condition, but yes im leaning towards that option
  11. Hey guys sure this gets asked all the time, but my much loved 1996 r33 gtst after nearly 250'000 kms (imported at 77'000) and 9 years of ownership has finaly said no more! Developed a bottom end knock about a month ago, limped it to and from work as I had no other option! removed and striped down my motor, found a near dead clutch, swolen and hard coolant lines, rear/front mains starting to weap, Improved 2 piece turbo side engine mount lol, And then i got to the striping, Piston 5 big end bearing destroyed, metal all through the motor, bits stuck on other bearings, bits in the oil pump, the oil pumps drive collar worn, as the same as the oil pump. Oh and a cracked exhaust housing of my OP6 highflow. The good, piston rings and bores are great for their age, valve train and head is mint. So whats next? should i go with new seals, bearings, oil pump, piston rings, repair the crank oil pump drive? and obviousaly the external broken parts and be done with it? Or should i source a second hand much lower km r33 rb25det? or r34 rb25det neo and do a conversion? if so should i use a full loom and r34ecu? or bits and pieces of r33 and r34 electrics? Or the most expensive option, get my bottom end built and forged? Just after some advice here as im not exactly sure what path to follow, keeping in mind i want to keep this build as cheap as possible, I was very happy with the responsive 221rwkw and 380nm it had for a solid 3 years before the bearing let go Thanks for any advice given! Cheers, Rob D.
  12. oooo that was close, just recieved my renewed aasa licence today
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