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  1. Sweet come down tomorrow night 10pm Driving a 34 gtr vspec
  2. When - Thursday Oct 1st (public holiday next day) Time - 10pm for a sharp 10:45pm take off Where - 1-11 Fitzsimons Ln, Melbourne VIC 3106 Destination - Kinglake hill runs What to bring - red bull and a full tank of petrol
  3. MUZT3K

    Spotted Thread

    Haha yep it was me. Yep i saw ^^ can't believe u still got the gtr!. I've organized a good old apple peel meet for oct 1 keep an eye out
  4. MUZT3K

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted Jamie yesterday in his 32r
  5. ^ Test drove that white one last week..nothing special
  6. CHANGE OF LOCATION - changing location to under cover ground at Doncaster shoppingtown. Enter via the entrance next to 7-eleven and turn left at the roundabout down the hill
  7. Weather is saying 'possible late shower 40% chance 0-2mm' I think we will go ahead...and if we all agree roads are to wet to cruise we won't
  8. damm...had to cancel it cause of this stupid rain...seen way too many people stack in the dry..rains to dangerous
  9. Postponed tonight's meet due to the weather guys. They are predicting rain and possible thunderstorms. It will postponed to next saturday (22nd) everything else remains the same. See you guys then
  10. Guy's please keep a close eye on this post as the forecast for this Saturday isn't looking too good with showers. I will post during the day Saturday if it will go ahead or moved to the following Saturday. Thanks
  11. Just a reminder guys the meet is this Saturday. Hope so see some old faces and new
  12. Haha not yet bud, still got the bmw but I miss the skyline boys. I made this event with the bmw group I made but want to see the sau boys there too hopefully getting another gtr next year fingers crossed. Hope to see you there!
  13. Date - 15 November Time - 10pm for a 10:45pm leave Location - 181 Reynolds Rd, Doncaster East VIC 3109 (corner car park near the bus stops opposite the comm bank and nab) Weather is starting to get good guy's and now that there's a good number of member's, it's time we all get together and talk some car talk Hopefully weather on the night is good..I don't see why it wouldn't be but then again it is Melbourne! Worst case we reschedule. All other types of car's are welcome aslong as they are good people. Were going to head to the hills direction (kinglake) and stopping every now and then at town's. This isn't a race but if you want to go fast its not my responsibility so be my guest and take over. Slow guys make sure to give way and pull over. All in all looking forward should be a good night and see you guy's then!
  14. Didn't know there was 7 other ones..did a search..my mistake. Yes birds a matter of fact it does!!
  15. Hi guy's and girl's, I created a Victorian facebook group for all GTR lovers. There will be many meets and cruises organized and lots of info for members to share around. Heres the link to the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/312836342200169/
  16. Think I'll use that email. I don't want to fork out 1000s to just find out whos behind it. Thanks for the email
  17. Emts your pretty much on the ball..I'll give some brief detail. I own a site and this person must know me in person. And is inpersonating me and writing abusive things and posting my mobile etc.his used the same I.p twice out of the 4 times posting
  18. Hey Charles long time no speak. Do you work for optus? I'll explain the situation in pm if you do
  19. Need an I.p tracked urgently. Send me a pm if you can help please
  20. I'd say its on the overpass Thanks Bunta, can I ask if there was anything there at all?
  21. Sorry guy's, anyone manage to swing past the location and grab a pic?
  22. Thank you heaps chris! Owe you..if you need a favour down melbourne way shoot me a pm!
  23. nop its not on a campus, its tora st, which runs over pacific motorway and theirs a bridge
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