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  1. Any chance of the diagram being posted up here again please?
  2. I have an '88 A31 Cefiro and the wiring in it is as horrendous as yours - seems they are all chopped & abused. I am at the stage of re-wiring the whole car just to get a good base to start from again (ie not 31 years old and chopepd/taped etc)
  3. was thinking of something a bit out of the left field area.... probably a 4lt turbo 6..
  4. Does anyone have some measurements for the dimensions of a A31 engine bay? Like: Firewall to Radiator Support = Strut Tower to Strut Tower = Bottom of Chassis Rail to top of Strut tower = A mates looking at doing an engine conversion, just trying to get some maths done first.... Cheers Ryan
  5. esky_mad cheers the RTA kinda gave me the run around, pass onto person to person and not many answers.. Toffy thanks mate, who 's the number stated for mate?
  6. Ok people, here is my dilemma, I'm looking at purchasing another Cefiro but the seller has lost/doesnt have the import approval paperwork. In NSW can i still get this stock beast registered, ie can i get an approval from aus? If so who is the best to see in Sydney for this? Any help would be much appreciated guys & girls! Ryan
  7. Front Bar is Autech, Side Skirts and Rear Bar are BWave mate. Fark this has been given i hiding by the next owner! Was heaps more comfy with the WRX seats I put in it too.. I was the original owner of this ceffy mate, liked it much better than with the black parts now....
  8. Around $400 ish to transport to melbourne... as states i will send interstate at buyers expense... any more tempted???
  9. BUMP! new coolant temp sensor, new clock spring (horn wasn't working) BLUE SLIPPED READY TO GO!!! All offers over $13 000 considered CAR MUST SELL!!!
  10. siddr20 not me bro, cars been in storage since Jan 07, muct be someone else. Cheers for the g/l anyway bro.. Will Consider any SERIOUS offers over $13 000 !!!
  11. Professional = Autosport Engineering see 'Greg' 9521 1388 155 Bath RD Kirrawee autosport.net.au always had god dealing with greg, great guy, knows all there is to know about imports, in house 2wd dyno also..
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