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  1. You guys need an upgrade then. The beast I was using for those pics on www.rwdturbo.com was a 6 Mega Pixel camera with 10x optical zoom.
  2. Thanks to Rianto for organising a top group to come out to the Skid Pan. Once again Skylines Australia was an excellent group. I am sure everyone loved watching Kevin in their cars, as everyone does. Anyway I told over 250 photos and have posted a Gallery here: http://www.rwdturbo.com/incoming.html?loca...bo/gallery.html As usual I have resized all the pics to 800 x 600. The originals are uncompressed 6 mega pixel photos, that print out as massive posters. If anyone wants the orginal photos email me at scott@driverdynamics.com. However note the I charge $5 per pic, or 3 for $10. But once you get them printed you'll believe me that its worth it. Also for anyone who is interested Driver Dynamics have a few spots left for a Defensive Driver Training course next Sunday the 28th of September. This day will be the last chance for everyone to take advantage of our September special of $150, or in the event that we get 10 people there, we will discount it further to $125. Email me at scott@driverdynamics.com or check out our website www.driverdynamics.com for more details Once again thanks for coming out to the Skid Pan today Cheers
  3. Yeah, Rianto has been quick enough to book in a session on September 21st. From what I understand that day is full. But we are open to any other sessions
  4. Jamie, No problems, just email me at scott@driverdyanmics.com Let me know which ones. EVERYONE ELSE. I am glad the Skyline Population love the skid pan. I hope you all eventually come to one of the session. Remember if your interested, just get a group of 6 together and we can book it in. Regards
  5. Guys & Girls, Thanks to all those who attended the skid pan sessions over the past 2 days. They were a big success, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Many of you would have notice I took a large amount of photos over the two days. In fact it was over 500 photos. I have set-up a gallery for all the best pics at: http://www.rwdturbo.com/incoming.html?loca...bo/gallery.html The images are re-sized to 800 x 600. But if you want to get your hands on the originals, which are 6 Mega Pixels. You can email me at scottieb@rwdturbo.com. I usually sell pics at club days for $5.00 each. But as I know many of those who attended will want mutliple images, I let you have 3 for $10.00. These pics will print at photo quality at about 60 inches by 40 inches (Poster Size) Also I hear that many other people are now keen to organise some more days. So get your groups of 6 people together and let me know when you are keen to return to the skid pan. Regards
  6. There should be one or two spots left. I think Kev said there is one on Saturday Arvo. Al, Did you see your pic on www.driverdyanmics.com Your front page material, and on the Skid Pan page. Nice Work Al & Kev
  7. Looks like we have a big packet of condoms, but not many people actually having sex
  8. My God I have never seen such a poor bunch of excuses. I am in for sure. KevWRX check your mail. How often do you have these. I came along a few months ago and have been keen to return. Guys KEVWRX does know how to drive, From what I gather he is one of Australia leading precision drivers. Is this right Kev?
  9. Okay guys, I have been converted. I am selling my s14 (200sx) and coming around to the straight six club. But I am unsure on the variations within the r33 range, ie GTS-t, GTS25-t, etc. I have my heart set on the series two, but I am unsure of all the differences between a Series 1 and a Series 2. If anyone knows a website or has the knowledge in listing ALL the differences between the two series, let me know. See you all on the streets RWD Turbo
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