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  1. confak


    Ive got a set of these I brought but never had fitted on my R33. Let me know if your still after them. Cheers.
  2. Hey Guys, Time to part with my GTST Manaul Black 145,000 Km's Front Mount Intercooler 3inch exhaust (turbo back) HKS Pod Filter CD Player Boost Cotroller reg till may 2008 197Kw at rear wheels on last dyno tune. Price: $9,900 Please email me if you would like further details or if you want my contact number. confak@optusnet.com.au Ill get some pictures up over the weekend.
  3. could you please send me pics, confak@optusnet.com.au
  4. In my experience i have found that dynos often tell lies. I beleive that it is only used for tunung and are very inconsistant in there power figures. I have an r33gtst with I/c, 14psi standard trbo,air filter, 3inch exh turbo back. 1st dyno run @ PET: 198RWKW(14psi) 2nd dyno run @ club Meet: 170rwkw(14psi) With these mods described above i ran a 13.8 1/4 mile. Then Installed Microtech plug in at PROMAZ Dyno run @ Promaz: 165RWKW Although the car is a lot quicker then what it was with previous dyno runs.(14psi) Hope that info can support why i think as i do about dyno power figures.
  5. i have the above if you still need it. I am in melbourne also. my number is 0409205306 Cheers Con
  6. i have the above if you still need it. I am in melbourne also. my number is 0409205306 Cheers Con
  7. Hey, does this include the price for purchasing the product. If so you are looking at $2000 for the plug in microtech for the R33. I have one of these and it works great. If you need some advise om me. I could also rfer you to the guys that did mine. (if your in melb). The LT-12 microtech is also cheaper but not the plug in version. Cheers.
  8. have a td-07 25G brand new. Might be interested in swapping. Could you give me some specs of the turbo. confak@yahoo.com
  9. Have a TRUST TD-07 25G tirbo for sale. The turbo is brand new and selling due to financial difficulties. Purchased from takakaira in japan. Cost me just under $5000 landed here in melbourne. The turbo has the 17cm exhaust housing and is rated at 700hp. price $3500ono (must sell)!!
  10. regap and clean your current plugs. I am using normal copper plugs BCP6's gapped at .7mm. Run 14psi wuth no bacfiring.
  11. thats the LT-16 that is going to be released soon.
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