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  1. just sell me a window winder motor for right hand side cheap ehehe
  2. hrm, thanks mate... ill give it a try, if it dont work, i have a mallet i will smash door with
  3. can u just come here and fix it. LOLZ?
  4. motor didnt wanna work at all... id trie and give it 12volts, and it wouldnt do a thing... piece of shit LOL
  5. looks cool. but it just hanging there... where is your exhaust inlet and outlet, and u should ran some type of air cleaner.... dont want glass in teh motor
  6. HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH i wanna add another turbo to my whipper snapper now
  7. Hi... Im looking for a window winder motor for a r33... motor in right hand side door is burnt out... Or something that suits, im not sure if other skyline models are the same... Thanks Ashley.
  8. im looking for a right hand side... dunno if left is same but.. wat i need is electric window winder motor please thanks Ashley
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