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  1. iv been meaning to make a small vid so sure can
  2. 2nd gear, 3/4 inner hub,1/2 outer hub dogs had the gear-set isf refinished, the pressure changing gears is almost like stock, so it was definitely a assembly issue that caused my grief
  3. if you need a workshop to work on your skyline go To Trojan Motorsports, customer since 09 you cant beat them if your in Canberra.
  4. updates, got my PPG dogbox back drives sooo much better after about 500km i can drive it without issues around town all different speeds, best way to explain is it loves direct shifts, it really isnt that bad to drive and i have to say once i got used to it i almost prefer it to a syncro box.
  5. if you are putting in a gear set, you also at the same time refresh all the bearings, seals and syncros and replace any damaged parts plus do the upgrade to 3rd gear syncro if required. some people go the extra step and get the gearset isf and shot peened. my biggest advice is you really need to find someone that knows how to build these box's and set's them up to have them last and hold together and not slapped in she'll be right.
  6. yeah it sure seems that way but im pretty old school haha, well once i get mine back on the road ill be keen for a Sunday drive every now and again anyone is welcome to join as long as there's no drama/bullshit ?
  7. well if there is enough interest i think we should organize a meet up/mini event etc in the not too distant future
  8. Hi all from a long time hiatus i have been getting back into the old skyline scene, are there many new and old hang around's still active in the ACT.
  9. years ago when my gtr had 240ish kw's and the hicas was operational running stock suspension, i could throw that thing around like a go kart it was amazing the handling and how well balanced it was. but once the hicas shit's itself and everything is worn how forget about ?
  10. yeah it was a shame as I only did 500km's before I decided to pull it and check it out luckily as it would have caused more damage. I'm torn between building a o/s syncro box, and this dog box as I love the whine and dog engagement as when you get a good shift its just awesome at how fast and direct it is.
  11. poor assembly, caused me to have shifting issues with the shifter coming out of the trans during high load shifts and even miss selected a gear a couple time when the shifter came out.. I'm lucky I didn't fold my motor in half
  12. hey I have a ppg 5sp s/c gearset for sale, send me a pm
  13. I'm in a bit of a interesting situation at the moment as well, I currently have a ppg 5sp s/c dog box in bits waiting on parts from ppg which may be upto a 3 month wait, so I'm torn on do I sell it as is or do I wait and fix it, out of all the options par seems to be best local option at the moment. my questions is should I sell the gearset and buy something new or do I wait and fix it and give someone a good deal?
  14. i would leave it as it, the torque from doing up the nuts will take the paint off no matter what you do touching it with some random shit paint will make it look worse.
  15. well at least there is a couple still around
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