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  1. No problem mate.. so you are in england then? Im now living in Berlin. Im thinking of getting another gtr and trying it out on the nurburgring... I havnt seen any here yet and it makes me sad!! where in england are you?
  2. Springs and shocks sold, sorry!
  3. Car is sold pending final payment!
  4. Price drop, take these away guys!
  5. This awesome car is still for sale guys.. we have a couple of people trying to sort out finances but its still up for grabs in the meantime! come have a look at this awesome car!
  6. Ok, been messed around by a couple of people.. Im open to reasonable offers guys.. want these out of my garage!
  7. Replied to PM, still for sale guys!
  8. Abu.. your car looks pimp fo sho...maybe i come round tomorrow night and see how things are going?
  9. Ride comfort is awesome. i used to drive all day with them without so much as an ache or pain. I believe they are standard shocks yes with no leaks at all!. They have no adjustment but they are silver with the GTR logo on it. The ride is compliant and balanced but not jarring over bumps, i think because its a progressive spring you don't tend to feel the smaller bumps. I loved this suspension but it lacked the adjustments i wanted for trackwork.. great for street use with occasional sprited driving though!
  10. The springs would be a good 5-6 years old i reckon but still working perfectly the paint has come off them a tiny bit, the ride is about an inch lower then standard, i can put some pics up of my car with them if you want..
  11. Ok a fully operational perfect condition motorised mirror for a 4 time price dropped $35!!! take it away!
  12. Magazine SOLD. Shocks still for sale, make some offers guys!
  13. Price drop, now $40.. its a steal, take it off my hands!
  14. Price dropped everything, make offers and take it away!