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  1. A 50year old bought the R34 from QLD. I had the car for sale for only 3 days with 5 interested buyers. An R34 GTR will be next hopefully by the end of the year
  2. Hello all! I'm in! .... Not with my Audi, but I'll come as your passenger Danny! Brennan I saw you on the Hume highway the other day! You'll love my new ride haha
  3. Terry!!! Brennan, you know that feeling when you've had a grinder of a day, counting your 11th hour still in the office, yet to catch the 40 minute train ride home and then walk to your stand alone skyline? Do you know how much different I would feel knowing I had a SAU decal?? LOL Terry, no comment, you know what my question is!!
  4. Great day guys. Matt, you finally brought the beast down! Terry it's your turn next. I just realised why so many SAU followers aren't coming... I think they're waiting on the stickers Terry??? Hahaha
  5. There is roughly 18-25 cars confirmed from what I can see + a few extra maybe's.. See you all in the morning
  6. Just spoke with Monkey Bar. They're more than happy to put the race on for us. So 5:00pm at Ribterranean and then a 2 min walk to monkey bar at 7:00pm! Can't wait for the drive! Looking forward to seeing everyone again
  7. If we get to the restaurant at 5:00 we can watch the race at Monkey Bar at 7:00pm. Monkey bar is 2 mins walk away.. What you think?
  8. Sounds good Brennan! Rain or no rain, nothing is stopping a traditional cruise! Anyways, since when was a forecast 100% correct? LoL
  9. Humbla, I recommend either Marco Polo at Haberfield or Palm Court Haberfield. Or google formula 1 hotel - I think closest one is Enfield 20 mins away. Ian, we also have 20 different entrees, 12 different salads and a vegie platter. Can't go wrong with the vegetarians
  10. The count so far: 18 confirmed Possible extra 5 Spread the word people. The more the merrier
  11. Bunsen, Plenty of parking within 100metres of the restaurant
  12. Already 16 confirmed and possibly 22 in total. Not bad! I'll confirm numbers for ribs at the twin servos. Looking forward to the cruise! James
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