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  1. Recieved pads today, thank you for the fast response and delivery time, cant drive the car for a week so once they are bedded in ill update, thank you
  2. im after h11 in 6000k you have any?
  3. ill be up for front and rear K750 (A1RM) for r33 gtst
  4. went to tilbrooks for a quote on gettin the rb25det rebuilt bout a year ago, Still waiting to hear back from them.....ha ha
  5. Mates car was done through scorpian tint awsome work all round ill be interested too.
  6. Awsome weather all round, ill be up for it,
  7. Hey mate, just getting in a bit late here but do you still have all the boot carpet etc, and does either of headlights still have the inner glass and reflector in one piece doesnt have to be both, but if your not doing much with one how much for it with the carpets delivered to 5096 SA? Thanks
  8. im after a greddy intake manifold to suit r33 rb25det used or new will pay postage.
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