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  1. Tried them - no go I'm starting to phone wreckers now
  2. I am looking for two spacers for the radiator. I would prefer new but if no ones got them i would take very good ones PART 21460
  3. 1993 R32 GTR N1 block with new crank and carrillo rods Garret -5 turbos 9L sump with lsd front diff Stock Intake and stock exhaust manifolds 3' dump pipes going into titanium 4' exhaust Bosch 520 fuel pump and rewire 1200 cc injectors with turbosmart regulator Spitfire coils Greddy 12 row Oil cooler and Filter Relocation Upgraded to late model gearbox Twin Plate Clutch Nismo ARP head studs and crank shaft stud kit tomie cams All metal gaskets 1mm over size valves - bronze valve guides - mild ported head Premium 98 fuel Link ecu . DYNO PAGE 1 - 16-07-19.pdf DYNO PAGE 2 - 16-07-19.pdf
  4. https://www.gtrusablog.com/2017/01/air-conditioning-ac-heater.html
  5. Has any one used one of the new g senors on their nissan GTR ? Was there an improvement ?
  6. I take it you are talking about the master cylinder and not the slave cylinder which is used to disengage the clutch by either pull or pull action If it's the master cylinder and space is an issue you get whatever does the job
  7. I would suggest you all look at the flywheel arrangement of a 1970 Mini Cooper -
  8. Is anyone willing to sell a Ruzic 4wd controller ?- complete with wiring harness - must be in like new condition
  9. Purchased a nismo 320km speedo for my 93 r32 gtr. There was one differance between the one I puchased and the original one. The reed switch was different but it was a simple process of swaping them over. No problems. Just be careful with the speedo mods.
  10. E33

    R32 Gtr

    75 to 83 depending on the temp of the day and how your driving it. Intercooler temperatures average about 43 - pfc readings
  11. I am having problems with the ABS and 4WD dash warning lights coming on when started cold. When the car warms up and then started again most of the time the warning lights go out and all is well for the rest of day or until the car cools down I can tell prior to starting the car if the warning lights will come on. The ABS motor activates when the ignition is turned on and you can hear it turning. But when it’s cold the ABS motor makes a louder noise prior to engine startup. This is what I have done Replaced the ABS unit Bled the brake lines and ABS as per workshop manual Checked the ABS computer fault code. Fault 13 was indicated which is no use Checked the earth strap to the ABS Anybody had the same fault? The car is a R32 gtr
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