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  1. You total up all of the RMS power of your cars amplifier (s), and multiply the total by two. this gives you the total input power drawn from power source in watts..
  2. To determine your amperage drawn from the cars power source, 1, first determine the 4-ohm rated RMS power output of the total system's amplifier (s) 2, Add these together 3, Multiply the total RMS rating (left and right channels) by 2. This is to compensate for most amplifiers' 50% efficency 4, The resulting figure is the total input power 'drawn' in watts. 5, Divide the wattage drawn by 13 (the average vehicle supply voltage
  3. Does anyone know what a fixed pitch stator does in the inlet pipe? If removed would power be increased?
  4. Most coolants on the market are glycol based, glycol is more effective than water for absorbing heat.. More glycol more heat can be extracted from your engine, but your cars cooling capacity, must be efficient enough for removing the heat from the cooling medium, so not necessary the more coolant the cooler your car can run, glycol will retain heat if you do not have the capacity to cool it down...
  5. Just wondering about the stator on the inlet pipe in my 200zr, what does it do and would I benifit any more performance if I were to remove it?
  6. Hi ya. I use Mobile 1 in my RB20DET Castrol LSX 90 for my gearbox and diff And a good DOT 4 for brakes and clutch
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