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  1. Found some electronic manuals for R32, 33, 34 and 35. Beats paying for it.. http://www.skyline.se/dokument/ Hope this helps
  2. My speedo has been working ok but my odometer has been on and off for the last month or so. Pulled the dash apart and gained access to the back of the cluster. Ends up that I was getting a few dry solder joints. Expected I suppose being 12 years old now. Just added a bit of fresh solder to each of the tracks on the back, took all of 20 mins work and now everything is back to normal .
  3. Make: Nissan Skyline Model: R33 GTR V-Spec 1996 Series II Milage: 56000kms Transmission: 5spd Manual Colour: Silver Location: Sydney Complied? December 2006 RWC supplied? Yes Currently registered? Yes Price: 35000 Contact: Matt 0438 006 493 Comments / Modifications: Quick sale wanted. Apexi cat-back, pods, clear indicators, Manual dual stage boost controller currently running 11psi low 14psi high and get 197kw@11psi. Nismo side stripes have been removed. Images:
  4. Hows this one.... 2 Years ago in the south island
  5. I still have most of my piping if your still after it, just need a more accurate description or a pic
  6. Just one of my first chops and some recent arwork.
  7. Hey guys, i need a front bar to fit a 33 GTR, a reo (big steel train rail that holds the bar up) and the plastic clips that attach to the headlight and the grille. Had a bit of a mishap with mine, if i can get the bar in silver it would help, but not essential, also doesnt need to be a stocker
  8. Are you sure pick up only, if it can be shipped to sydney im interested
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