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  1. jet_r31

    Yep you could always get the ss version of the atr45sat aswell Think that comp wheel flows around the mid 400 mark
  2. jet_r31

    it had a rajab intake before, last time when i saw a swap from that to this intake, the power curve changed from concaved with rajab to convex with this one, and from memory this intake took over at 5500 ish rpm, id have to check
  3. Roughly less blades on turbine is more top end Comp wise 6+6 should outflow 11 blades But theres so many factors there Blade size/design
  4. Nah grout up to welsch plugs Fine for street If youve got coin fit a bottom end girdle that ties into standard main caps and block
  5. Exactly..put some 260s somethings in it..and enjoy the f**kin thing...
  6. Id do headstuds. Id prefer a new headgasket aswell, then should live a long healthly life.. Cheers Darren
  7. jet_r31

    except you have a turbine housing and turbine wheel in the way of the exhaust flow which is the biggest bottleneck in making power..and a turbocharged motor and is more often the power/rev cap ...and not the camshaft, more duration just does nothing in that scenario apart from shorten the powerband..
  8. jet_r31

    Yeh im not sure, ive actually written my wording wrong... I mean theres lots more flow with the 66mm compressor upgrades, the turbine backpessure woudnt be pretty, but theres probally another 60+rwkw left(over a standard 3582 comp) of the turbine before it gives up. Theres plenty of information around on this even via xr6 upgrades and vl turbos if you look, but i never take to much notice as its not the right way to build a turbo but i know that those combos dont work on 98 oct and need e85 even on the xr6's with 4.0 of motor s to be a viable option The problem with designing a turbo that way is..yeh it makes power..but you have a comp/turbine mismatch which does a few things... Cant take timing all that well doesnt have as wide powerband as it should has a very sharp power curve onto boost that hits like a sledgehammer and then gets pulled down due to backpressure quicker turbos dont last as long That was my initial worry about the gen2 gtx 3582, the powerband would be peaky and not hold up top and need a 65-66mm turbine
  9. jet_r31

    the 1.06 vs .82 on gt3582 deal is really not worth it. the 1.06 is really for 3.5l/4.0l motors to kill backpressure at same hp as the smaller motors On a 2.5l to 3.0l there is a little bit of power gain on kill, but absolutely f**kloads of might as well go up in turbos size as you will get the same lag..and heaps more power...
  10. jet_r31

    The hotsides makes lot more with the 66mm upgrades.. Guessing its that unless, the extra compression matt runs upsets things a lot
  11. jet_r31

    Hes auto/loose converter and 3.0 single cam
  12. The return flow setup shown on top of the page,is the same setup Vl turbos where running in the 90s and still some today.Core depending ..cant be to bad for flow as they run 9s on 30ish psi with autos and 3582s Cant be to much pressure drop slowing them down.. Cheers Darren
  13. jet_r31

    Your doing it all wrong matt..cant you find a old Nokia phone to put next to turbo not a
  14. i thought there was a dyno sheet on last page?..
  15. 6boost has done the twin gate versus single test i believe, i think he said it wasnt worth it? goleby parts was doing same test or have to by now maybe? cheers darren