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  1. Hi guys, My auto box has just let go and I'm chasing someone wanting to sell me a manual transmission with everything to do the conversion for a series 2. Message me on 0400225613 with what you have and a price. Cheers ?
  2. Is the antenna plugged in? Some pioneer units won't start up if it's not plugged in.
  3. At this point in time I think i need all of you to form a line and kick my ass . I finally got round to checking the ecu with the help of a mate and it turns out the harness plug wasn't all thje way in on all sides even though it was bolted in. It must have been done when the inspector at the pits had the kick panel off having a look to make sure the ecu was standard I'm guessing, as i didn't have this problem till I got backfrom the pits. So far the car hasn't missed a beat so fingers crossed that was the problem and not something else. Thanks to everyone for your help Ifeel like such a dumbass . Cheers
  4. plug wasn't black but neither were the rest of them. Did a check on the injectors all working fine. im thinkin ecu might be cactus. Any one got an auto 33 ecu laying round i can use to check it???
  5. Hi guys and gals. Here's the back story, Had my skyline yellowed and didn't have the time to get it off till recently (been bout a year). The whole time the car was off the road i started it every other week to let it tick over (plus i love the sound) Finally got it squared away and it passed the pits first time yay. But just recently cylinder 5 has been cutting out WTF? I narrowed it down to cylinder 5 by pulling out the plugs for each coilpack until the missing sound didn't change. I originally thought coilpack so I changed pack 4 and 5 around but cylinder 5 still dropped out but 4 was fine. so i changed around the plugs same again. Sprayed all plugs, coils and connections with contact cleaner still nothing.This is really giving me the shits as it happens on and off so im thinking either ECU or harness. If anyone has had this happen to them, has an ideaor has a coilpack harness I can borrow to strike that from the list I'd love to hear from you. Cheers people Gavin
  6. cheers for the reply but as i work 7 days a week most times its hard to get down your way. thanks anyway
  7. Does anyone have a set of stock r33 rims with good tread I can borrow for the pits next week. Preferably someone near guildford. A carton off beer for who ever can help. Pm me or text 0400225613. Cheers
  8. can't see any pics. but will keep an eye out for those plates. good luck
  9. +1 for stickey. Also have stock parts if anyone needs to borrow them. 1x stock bov 1x stock air box moded to fit around front mount cooler piping 1x stock intercooler all stock cooler piping 1x stock airbag steering wheel 1x exhaust silencer that slids inside your exhaust tip
  10. damn won't be able to make it cos i'll be in bunbury. have fun guys
  11. tomei triple layer. think it was 350ish from motoqupe in midland
  12. Hey people. Was just mucking around on the net and found theis website http://www.dizons.com/manuals/. Probably been covered but i thought it might be useful to some one. Cheers Gavin
  13. You can buy bottles of atf (automatic transmission fluid) from any motoring stores. dexron 3 works well.
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