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  1. Thanks mate. The 4.3 should be fine will be pulling close to 7500in 5th. I run with the 4.6 in it a few years back and had to raise rev limit to 8000 was hitting 7800 just before the kink and again just before the chase was making less power but still pulling close to 230km/h. I cant remember 100 % if I ever run with the 4.11 at supersprint. I had run at oran park, wakefield and local drags. The day I raced against your GTR and lunched the clutch I was using the 4.375 I cant remember what we set the rev limit to with the new engine I think from memory around 8000 I can change it on the day if you like.lll Bring the laptop along.Just remember to bring the cable. Cheers Andrew
  2. I look forward to seing the old 1200 going again ( Should be gunning for outright depending on what sports sedans enter) I also cant wait to see how the GTR goes in comparison. This would have to be my favorite event for the year all I need is around another 100 odd kw at the treads to try and keep up LOL. Cheers Andrew
  3. So are there any pictures up from the day?? Im yet to see a picture of my GTR at a track. Cheers Andrew
  4. What a great day. Nice to meet a lot of new faces. LadyBytes your GTR is one of the neatest Ive seen in a long time :-) I was supprised to see so many skylines at the track there was good mix of cars. My favorite for the day was my mates GT40 Replica. 15 years in the build and he drives it like a rental!! It was my first track day in my new R32GTR. Run a best of 1.10.7 with a basically stock car (has exhuast Mines ecu buddyclub coil overs and some near worn out semi slicks) What an awesome car to drive so easy compared to my old car. I have changed from a Datsun 1200 coupe with 230rwkw ca18 that was pretty well setup. Anyway I hope to see you all again on a trackday soon. Cheers Andrew (another AndrewLOL) PS: I have for sale on ebay the rims and semi slicks I had on the day.If anybody is interested. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...E:L:LCA:AU:1123
  5. Hi there Im also interested in a set of 255/40/17's. Im pretty sure the 235/45/17 would be a bit narrow on 17x9.5 rims?? Cheers Andrew OK here's a list of people interested so far for 235 40 17's and 255 40 17's: Trust33 Forged Betz woolls padey r33-d-rift Adriano kyle785 Price will be found out as soon as possible.
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