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  1. Photos are up. You can view them from http://www.sydney-digital.com/gallery.shtml Akira - i have removed the ones with your number plates showing. As i don't have time to edit them - i simply remove the photos instead of displaying them. If you want to see them i will only give originals. *IMPORTANT* If anyone else would like their car removed let me know by emailing me at [email protected]
  2. really?? sorry.. edited.. p.s - i wasn't worried - just late for work..
  3. wasn't a race.. now if i had of been in the 4wd it would have been a race..
  4. i desperately need something quicker then the purple beast,.,.
  5. on the way to work i think i passed carlo? red 33 with just the skyline sticker on the window, and then was playing with a red mr2 before going into work.. thanks for the little sprint - whoever the mr2 was..
  6. do they sell unregistered monaros..?
  7. Silvo

    v8 photos

    note to self- hide personal collection behind firewall..
  8. Silvo

    v8 photos

    haha - they are in my personal collection.. i'll see if i can dig up one and post it when i get home..
  9. Silvo

    v8 photos

    nice.. i was standing on the grid when you took those photos of the ozemail girls.. i was next to them taking photos of them..
  10. Silvo

    v8 photos

    a golf ball is a bit far for me.. maybe i could see it if i stood on my roof..
  11. photos from the v8s at eastern creek can be seen at http://www.sydney-digital.com/gallery.shtml 3 new galleries
  12. Maybe.... Nice drifting action there. Both of those sites have very nice photos. The personal shoot is not on the website, your right - i'll PM you.
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