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  1. Check out Love the mags, but im sure ive seen them somewhere before
  2. I dont know if my work is up to the standard that you are looking for, but ive attached a couple of samples and if you check out my DeviantArt gallery http://brocky-x.deviantart.com/ maybe there is something there. Alternativly id love to hear a bit more about what your after in the picture and where it is going on your car and maybe come up with some ideas.
  3. Brocky_x

    Line Art

    Well mate if you want the line art for it just give me a yell and ill send it over.
  4. Brocky_x

    Line Art

    Thanks mate, i thought it was a bit plain though so i tarted up the paint job a bit and i came up with this.
  5. Brocky_x

    Line Art

    No R33 yet from me but i do have a R34 Z Tuned and with the perks of layering i can turn off the colour in this picture. What are you after them for?
  6. Brocky_x

    Pixel Hcr32

    Man thats awesome. What program do you use to create it?
  7. Brocky_x

    Misc Tooned

    Miscellaneous Tooned Cars
  8. Hope this helps you in your decission mate. The rears have got a bit of dish to them because i stole them off a GT-R, but i dont think its much more than the wheels in the forum.
  9. Brocky_x

    My R32 GTR

    Images of my R32 GTR
  10. I was never a big fan of Black Rims, it was always chrome or nothing, that is until i saw the Z-Tuned R34. The same goes for Bronze and Gold, but after seeing them on the car i can't believe how good they look. The possiblities expand every day. I also added some extra decals to the bonnet, they are a bit hard to read but they are Access Auto, Viva Garage and DMD. Once i vector a Tyre Zone Logo that will be going up on the bonnet as well. There is so much detail in the image that even at 1280x960 the jpg format doesnt do it justice. If i ever upload a pdf file you will be able to check out all the deail.
  11. Man they look nice. Nice dish on the rears, what size are they? 18s?
  12. Yeah the P2's look really clean, mind you i do like the dish on the XD9's a nice widended fender on the rear would fit nicely.
  13. Brocky_x

    Black Z Tune

    Sorry mate not you i was refering to the original post. The white with black mags looks clean.
  14. If your looking for the acctual logo's for your decals check out the best brands of the world http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/
  15. How do you answer a question like "Do you like this?" Do you base it on wether you would do it to your own car or do you base your answer on weather it would make you look twice. It would definately make me double take and i would definately want to have a closer look at it, but would i do it to my car, no. But each to there own mate, i always look at this way, if no one took the leap to but neons on there car we wouldnt have them today, if someone didnt think it would be cool to have DVD players in there car, they wouldnt be standard in the upper modle cars. So screw the people who say the people who can't even be open minded enough to give a well thought opinion. It would definately make a nice change from the same old same old that all the other skylines go with.
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