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  1. It's been a while since I have spotted a few GTR's driving together but haven't stopped looking for Skylines/R35's since selling my HR31.
  2. Just now, Bells Line of Road North Richmond. A few R32 GTR's, a 33 GTR, 34 GTR and 35 GTR. They will surely catch the RS Liberty, Starlet GT and 370 Z's just ahead.
  3. Spotted a red [67 Sky] in Penrith yesterday. Heard it around Derby St and again on High St. Had a turbo, couldn't distinguish if it had an engine swap or turbo added to stock. Didn't sound like an RB20/25 or SR.
  4. Spot a red 34 GTT at Autobarn Penrith regularly as I drive by. Sik 34r or something.
  5. Cheers. I wasn't sure if anyone would see the post. The bloke is amazing, I cannot recommend his work enough.
  6. 5 year thread revival coz retro rocks. Had my old car drawn by Criss Cross, a Queensland artist. I know a few well known cars on this forum have also received the Criss Cross touch. Car Drawings by Criss Cross is his Facebook page. Check him out. Not scamming, just sharing his work and an amazing way to remember your pride and joy.
  7. Spotted a nice gunmetal 32 GTR with jap style plates on Parker St Penrith. Wheels poked out just a bit too. Sounded nice, had exhaust, intake and plasmaman fmic. I gave the thumbs up from the work Kia lol.
  8. Spotted a Bayside Blue R34 GTR V-Spec II today somewhere on the Northern Beaches area (I'm not a local) so was either on Military Rd, or Sydney Rd I think around the Balgowlah area maybe? Was parked up. Between Falcon St and Manly lol.
  9. Spotted a bloke last week in a black 34 GTT, thought he was awesome with his atmo BOV. Turned off Castlereagh Rd up towards Cranebrook.
  10. It seems that each state forum may be responsible for their state when it comes to club rego. I found this which says it has been attempted but could not get the required minimum 5 cars. And here is an older thread on the matter. Looks like a common question but no 5 people at once willing to try it.
  11. Also don't forget you are allowed to maintain your car, this includes driving your car. I found in my experience with NRMA in NSW when I took out the policy, their understanding of owning a classic/rare vehicle was very good for an insurance company. All of my driving in the last 2 years has been a short 20-40 minute drive around my local area to maintain it and keep all parts moving. NRMA encouraged this and there were no issues with the policy should the car be damaged or stolen during this type of use. If I stopped in to see a mate, no drama. The garage or carport is just risk minimisation which able lower the cost of our premium, and lowers the insurance companies risk of having to pay out if something happens e.g. you lie and your property has no garage or carport and only street parking available but you said lock up garage to get cheap insurance.
  12. Make that 4. 4th Great Western Hwy Penrith at about 4pm parked up.
  13. 3 different black R34 GTT's in Penrith today. 1st, Castlereagh/Mulgoa Roads at around 7:45 am. Stock looking body, FMIC, exhaust, staggered wheels, lowered. 2nd, parked in a car park I see it in a bit. Blody kit, exhaust around 10am. 3rd, 2:50 PM with vented bonnet and high GTT wing going to Autobarn
  14. I guess being strictly vintage, garaged, under 9000km per year, they expect the driver to be careful and maintain their cars and reward them in cheap prices. 9000km a year is still around half of what someone might average in their daily which is a lot for a car that isn't a daily.
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