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  1. always spot a nice green/buish 33 going up hancock road
  2. white 33 with plates "Vange"... or something like that around 2pm today at modbury triangle. also spotted a black 34 pulled over heading up towards lobethal.
  3. spotted a white 33 last night in town with the plates evan. you probably saw my car as well. also spotted pkblade a few days ago going past ttp.
  4. spotted a custom blue 33 on the way to port adel on sat around 1:30, looked broken down , i think it was rob's car.
  5. spotted a white 32 on northeast road today around 1pm, also on tuesday evening i think i spotted madaz steve in his 4 door 33, i was the chick in the commodore waving at you on mctyre road around 8pm.
  6. spotted a silver 33 crusing past the hackney hotel in town today around 4:30pm
  7. spotted a blue 33 on marion road last night about 7, and a white 33 with two guys getting out in the coles car park on jetty road glenelg around 9 last night, i was the chick in the dunga commodore.
  8. spotted a black 32 waiting at the lights near gawler place about 9 this morning with custom plates XXXXXup??i was the chick waving at you, also someone in a roller door doctor ute waving at me? anyone from here?
  9. 山下 Yamashita (under the mountain) 明日香 Asuka (fragrance of the bright day)
  10. everytime i wash my car there i see the same, everytime some guy in a holden has to do something to make everyone look, last time i went there to wash my car i was dissed by a holden driver about my car.
  11. revolving resturaunt at glenelg. always good there! then you can take her for a nice walk on the beach with ice creams from copenhagen!
  12. spotted a white 33 going down hancock road around 3 today. also who is the guy i always talk to with the red 33 that work somewhere in banksia park... hello if your on here!
  13. spotted miss r34?? a white 34 with decals TRYING to get out of ttp on saturday.. was pretty busy there. i was in a corolla looking at you.
  14. spotted a white 33 p plater tonight near ttp going past modbury tavern,
  15. spotted a white 33 going down hancock road around 2pm today, silver 32 4 door going down north east road, same with a silver 33.
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