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  1. Do you still have the gearknob and is it in good condition? any photos Do you still have the box? and do you mean the big ikea near underwood?
  2. Was this Converted from an Auto? The steering wheel looks like an auto one?
  3. Hey sounds good but i dont have mem... how do i get one?
  4. i was there and got some good photo's
  5. hi i can't sent you a PM as it wont let me till tomorrow(strange) do you know how much it will cost to paint?? as i have an R34GTT with no spoiler (wing)
  6. hi looking for the same new Steering Wheel and a new semi auto lever as mine are starting to peel from using a steering wheel lock
  7. This has got to be the most silly piece of writing that I have ever read On one hand they say cars that are 10 years or older Then they say late model cars Can't they make up there minds They also rave on about age of men then include older men so thats all men and now also they say young woman.... not putting any age on that are they now lol Note this was compiled by a woman if the heading is true (Lisa) So that just about covers all of us dont you think I dont like "hooning" as it is called as much as the next guy I have seen to much road rage in all my years of driving and it gets you no where There is no silver bullet to fix every thing without some cost But there are places you can go for fun - Fast Driving - Drifting - Burnouts - Etc That is at a Race Track or the like... and the sooner we have this fixed the less you will see of it on all our roads Sorry to rave on but I do see both sides with merit Police using a big stick is not going to solve this And people gathering will always happen So why not work together instead of fight each other Make a few more places where this can be done with no lose of life as this is everyones goal If police spent as much money on trying to solve this as they spend now we will all be the winners Cheers P.S. Sorry to rave on but this is my 2 cents
  8. laser4u

    7 Letter Plates!

    My name has 7 Letters Laser4u lol But your right $3000 for a plate is a rip off!!! Is it bad enough that they charge $300. Still a rip off!!! I know where these things are made and have seen them being made Big Brother making a mint out of us all......
  9. Sorry to hear the bad news....will keep an eye out for the offender/s and car. Some ppl just can't help themselves (bloody fools) They need a good kick in the pants. Have you got any video footage from cameras that are close by or of his previous visits? If you know the direction he left in? Try to get video from close by shops. Sorry again to hear your bad news.
  10. I was not able to make it but there has been no comments...... So how did to go? Did anyone go? DOH!!!! was it any good???
  11. I am wondering how many ppl will go??? I might give it a drive by but as not many ppl have shown interest in going I am on the south side anyone else up for it???
  12. I took plenty (over 100) of photos but left my camera at a friends place will pick it up on wed night So will post some pictures on wed/thursday night depending on what time i get home (prob late) got some great photos for sure.....GTR 35 hot stuff... so dont panic just yet Paul, it was a great day thanks must go to you and all the helpers I do have a few pictures hehehe i found Cheers,
  13. how crappy is this.... I would not be caught buying one of these unless you were after parts only as you have to rego it yourself and you know what load of rubbish you are stuck with as the cops have defected them all 36 cars will go for $5,000 to $10,000 dollars all up you do the math $139 to $278 per car they got to be crap as I said parts only MAYBE a good buy..........if you are lucky
  14. laser4u


    yes... put up a time and place. the car needs a good drive...lol
  15. Darn right!!!!!! TUESDAY is not the best but i am going to try and get the day of work to go
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