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  1. Seems to me that there would be too much friction to get the strap tight over the front and rear tyres (with sticky tyres anyway). With the 4 ratchets positioned as per the top photo, accessing them would be difficult and the height of the ratchet itself would be too tall for the ground clearance of most race cars. On my previous trailer I used choker straps which worked very well. There was still a lot of friction to overcome on a single sticky tyre. My new Tilta came with it's own over-the-tyre system.
  2. Not sure if you've got many options near you but some Tint A Car stores do it http://www.tintacar.com.au/car-protection/paint-protection-film
  3. Clear paint protection film will do the job nicely. It's not cheap, but worth it if you've got paint worth protecting.
  4. Seems much easier to order from here http://www.unrealplates.com.au/
  5. Are you running in classes that strictly restrict you to the CAMS tyre list? None of my local events care, only state-level competition. I'm a big fan of the NT01s for long-lasting tyres that work from cold.
  6. They'd both have the same outer barrel with 172mm dish and they'd both look the same sitting next to each other. The "disk" changes the thickness of the centre where it bolts to the hub, you'll need to choose based on which offset will give you the fitment you're after as well as giving brake clearance. The 18x13.5-26 R-disk will sit 1" further outwards than the 18x13.5-1 O Disk, giving a lot more room for the calipers. The R disk would extend 70mm further outward than your Enkeis. This is 18x11-8 O Disk BBF finish (147mm dish).
  7. Thanks, I've fixed that typo. 11/12 for the Hankooks I couldn't see a date stamp on the Michelins?
  8. I've stepped up to 295s on my new project so these need to go! Set 1. Hankook Z221 C70 (Softs) Size: 255/40/17 Quantity: 4 Condition: Near new, barely scrubbed in before I blew my engine Price: $1000 (I paid $1516 a few laps ago) Set 2. Nitto NT01 Size: 255/40/17 Quantity: 4 Condition: Well used but some life left. Still soft and turning out great lap times! Price: $200 Set 3. Nankang ATR Sport 2 Size: 235/45/17 Quantity: 4 Condition: Near new, did about 500km before I took my car off the road Price: $280 Set 4. Michelin Porsche Cup N1 on Rota GR6 rims Size: 25/64-18 on 18x9.5+20 Quantity: 4 Condition: Used but decent amount of life left. Rims are in good nick. Price: $950 More pics http://s950.photobuc...15%20Headlights
  9. This is pretty much it. Tint retains heat. Toughened/tempered glass is treated to 600 degrees so will handle the additional heat load fine. If it's laminate glass (like your windscreen) then heat builds up on one half of the glass more than the other causing differences in expansion and the glass cracks. Tint shops aren't interested in the liability for the sake of $50. If your sunroof is etched in one corner with "toughened", "tempered" or "TF-A" you'll be fine. If there's no marking I'd be cautious.
  10. I did mine recently in a light grey. I was going to use matte but the gloss is easy to clean and easier to buy as well. The dash and rear parcel shelf are still black to maintain reduce glass reflections.
  11. As much as I'd like to keep these they're just not suited to a track car. Work Meister S1 3P 18x9.5+3 with 225/35/18 18x11-8 with 255/35/18 All in good condition, 1 or 2 bits of gutter rash $3700 ono Located in Toowoomba or Brisbane
  12. This has been my partner's car since new but the lease ends soon and it's time to move onto something a bit more practical/boring. - Brand new Pirelli P1 tyres (plus original full size spare) - Tint-A-Car Formula 1 darkest legal tint - Eibach springs Further pics & details: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Toyota-86-2012/SSE-AD-3482161 Price: $24,390 Location: Toowoomba, Qld Contact: 0402 546 596
  13. This one, or Epotec 370 for around $140. http://www.bunnings.com.au/dy-mark-8l-epoxy-clear-garage-floor-coating-kit_p1580413
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