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  1. Forgot to add the 100 thou service was done @ 95,000 with heavy duty timing belt and genuine nissan water pump & iridium plugs.
  2. Make: Nissan Model: R33 GTS-t Series II 40th anniversary Limited Edition Transmission: 6 spd man Colour: GTR Midnght Purple Location: South Australia, Adelaide Currently registered? Until March 2009 Price: $16000 ONO Contact: PM for email/phone. Comments / Modifications: This car has had discreet, tasteful minor modifications: -Hybrid front mount intercooler -Apexi blow off valve -HKS pod air filter -3" turbo back exhaust with titanium muffler -18" ROH Modena wheels (Silver with Chrome lip, unscratched) -Brand new tyres all round (Goodyear & Maxxis) -Arik turbo timer -Tinted windows -Pioneer sound system (Splits, Amp & 6x9's, All doors sound deadened) Car has always been garaged and polished & waxed at least once every 4 wks. Factory GTR Midnight Purple paint is in perfect condition. Interior also in perfect condition, front and rear factory bucket seats with 40th anniversary purple/grey seats and special edition embroidered logos on front seats. This car is a real head turner for all the right reasons - sounds, looks and goes great without being over the top and overdone like many skylines out there. Has been kept spic and span inside and out. Genuine reason for sale. I don't want to sell my car but unfortunately i'm now a commuter, this car is in to good condition to be a commuter. 16,000 ONO will consider all reasonable offers. You will be very hard pressed to find a Series II for this price, let alone the limited edition.
  3. Ok i'll try again...I meant to say superspark. As in, the only superspark coil packs i can find are for PRE-1995 R33 GTS-t's only. Is there a version for POST-1995 models yet? I know there was previously discussion about the (hopefully) imminent arrival of these packs Cheers
  4. Hi all i know this has probably been answered somewhere on here but couldnt find it... Have these coilpacks been made yet?? If so, where can i buy them from (either locally here in SA, or on the net, i have checked kudos motorsports with no luck). If these haven't been made yet, where can i buy Splitfires for my car from? (once again net/SA). Cheers Dan
  5. Windows are tinted now... Gonna have to take some new ones...
  6. Sunday arvo/evening on north east rd near abc saw a v. tidy gunmetal grey S1 R33 with SAU sticker front windscreen
  7. spotted a white 33gtst s2 pulling out of bp on nth east rd thursday arvoish...couple of SAU stickers about the place. i was in the filthy dirty midnite purple one coming the other way. didn't get time to give a wave... was in lalaland... stoopid niteshift
  8. i have the 9650 in my car at the moment... once you plug the ipod in, it just becomes selectable as another source. the large 'multi-control' dial that you use to control the volume normally basically enables your head unit to become the ipod itself. you can shuffle all your songs...or just rifle through your playlists as you please. i'd recommend it.
  9. Hi guys... quick q - in the stickied guide in this forum, in pic 7 you can see a gasket made of some sort of rubber/foam - just wondering if anyone knows what it is called and/or where to get it from? Cheers Dan edit heres the pic
  10. IMO i wouldnt put that kit on my car its just so.....massive - each to their own tho! i'm a minimalist tho, i love the car for what it is and think that very little - if anything needs to be done to the R33's exterior to make em look schmik some of the stuff that was up the top of the page that madaz linked to (unique autosports) looked pretty good....in fact i want some of it for my car now! ...the 400r style front bar & side skirts very tidy, and discreet ...the chin spoiler...also a good look
  11. I think the idea with putting them in the oven is to soften the seals on them, so that you can open em up and get to the insides to polish the crud out...Or at least thats what i gathered from a guide i found somewhere on here... I thought i was gonna have to do this to mine but it turned out all the crud was on the outside of mine so i just attacked the outsides of em with autosol (metal polish - probably a bit harsh in hindsight, but worked well)...
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