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  1. Welcome to bunbury haha, if it looks fast down here people try and give you runs, and aparently hitting stock limiter in a lancer,camry or commodore makes you cool, you just learn to live with it lol Dispointed i didnt make, heard nothing of what was going on so just gave up. lol
  2. Hey Remus, have we got a decent number of people interested in heading up from here? josh will come for sure, assuming he hasnt sold his car by then, so u can add him to the list....
  3. Love this game, have spent many many hours playing it. I was up to 94%. only had 2 endurance races and a few driver missions to go, and my sisters boyfriend decided to take the memory card and delete the save game file. Anyone who has played the game will understand just how much time is involved in getting about 60 or so percent let alone 94! i have started again and im sitting on about 6% now Also, a hint to everyone out there trying the endurance races, Use B spec driver, Put the hardest tyres you can on the car( they last alot longer), Then do to the director's screen and fast forward to 3X the speed, this means a regular 24hour race will only take 8 hours, only problem is when he pits it goes back to the normal screen and normal speed to remember to keep checking up on it. Most probly already new all that but maybe sum1 didnt
  4. I Seriously cant see why people do crap like this. Its not too hard to understand that other peoples things are thier stuff and people dont have the right to damage it when they feel like it. Besides which, what does it possibly achieve? The little S*%T heads that were more than likley responsible go home and think how cool they are for damaging a Really nice car? i mean, its just stupid Best of luck with getting it fixed mate, hope it all works out alright
  5. Name: Anthony Copyrighted since: 8 April 1990 I drive a: Silver S3 R31 Skyline Ti I work/study as: Studying year 12 Cruise/event attendance rate: Once i have my licence, Yes, Alot, Stupid L plates Music taste: Heaps of different stuff, i like songs not Bands Hobbies: Computers, Mountain biking, ummmm Lots of stuff Might be of use contacting me for: Cruises
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