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  1. LOL - Just the car project bit - (for now)
  2. LOL - good to hear from you guys. It's be a long time ! @Duncan No project on the boil (that's the reason I came back actually) - I"ve been in Adelaide for 4 years now - Once married and with 4 kids now - I've had no time or money for Car projects. However, I think that is all about to change. So I came on here looking for a clean 1989, 1990 R32 Gtst. Anyone know anything for sale ? I wanna get a track car under historic rego. We are now blessed with The Bend, Mallala and AIR - so time to get back into it. Cheers boys B-Man
  3. Grey Skyline - Narrabeen Area on Sun 21/5/17 Hey All, Anyone know of a Grey Skyline driving in the Narrabeen area - Corner of Pittwater Rd & Garden St , last night (Sunday 21/5/17) around 9.30 pm ?? Please PM me... Thanks,
  4. Not like the good old days hey Nick ? Things change - C'est la vie
  5. Hey Radelaidians ! I am now one of you ! Just moved here from Sydney after being a cockroach all my life.] The car scene here is awesome I must say. I'm living in Glenelg East and could sit at coffee shops on Jetty road all day and watch all the cool cars go up and down - all weekend ! So - I'm an OG SAU'er from when it all first began - my first car forum was SAU and still my fav, although have not been on here for ages. I need some Adelaide workshop advice through please. I don't have ANY idea where to take my babies to get work done and servicing My Daily drive is an HSV Clubby with some fruit and it needs a service and I want to put a cam in it - from what I can see MorPowa may be a good option The other car is a dedicated track car, I plan to take to Malala as much as poss - it is a pretty rad and modified ST185 GT-4 Celica. Looking for recommendations for workshops please - Honesty, Technical Ability are more important than price - (although mega exy is not ideal) Cheers, B-Man
  6. OK well quick story of the S12 with the massive FJ20ET conversion goes like this: Bought the car for $1200 - drove it around stock for a bit Then S13 front end suspension and coilover upgrade Then I found an FJ20ET motor with Haltech ECU from a a wreck for super cheap DId the conversion Upgraded the diff to a proper Detroit locker for max traction - Took it out for a run pinion gear in dif locked (suspect no or lack or oil in diff) Purchased R32 rear subframe Workshop said all labour it would be nothing cause the pinion gear should not have seized (it wasn't actually their fault, they outsources the diff alignment to a (so called) specialist Sat in workshop for 5 years Got sick of waiting for workshop to fix it Sold it half finished for $1500 Total loss on this one - peanuts compared to the Silver Skyline and Blue 20B Cosmo The Celica is a BEAST though - I am stoked with it's transformation - if I ever get a chance to bring it back to Sydney, make sure you come see it - Massive Engine, Massive Brakes, Massive Suspension, Massive everything - I'm even thinking of putting a PPG dog straight cut gearset in it - 3S-GTE F.T.W
  7. Yo SAU-NSW, I haven't been around for a while - but I still remember my SAU username and password - so here I am Question - Is Prank (Christian) still running SAU ??? Reason I ask is that I would like to ask him permission to do a shameless plug for a new auto/motor sales website I have just built and want to promote (cheaply). It's been a hobby think of mine for a while now - and I think it's ready to let loose into the Aussie Market...... On to more interesting things - my favourite topic - ME ! I've moved to Adelaide, I'm married now, have 4 kids and haven't had a Skyline for ages BUT I still have the car bug bad and have had (un) invested heaps of cash in a few interesting ones. You may have heard about my 400kw Mazda Cosmo with a worked 20B and HKS turbo - I sold it to a young Asian Lad who wrote it off a week after he bought it. Then there was the BMW 7 Series - thought I would go Gangsta with a thumping 4L V8 - was a great car - but way to exy to maintain Then I switched to the dark side - Ford Focus ST225 which I modified with exahust , ecu etc - it was fun , but Front wheel drive. Next - and still current is my 1990 ST185 GT-4 Celica - it is a BEAST and is turning into my dedicated track car - Fully forged motor Garrett GT3076 turbo, 700cc injectors, Adaptronic, Wilwood brakes, Coilovers, etc etc - all the good fruit - 250 all wheel kilowasps - Daly Driver is an HSV Clubsport with some fruit on it - auto - fun to drive , and I love the sound of a V8 - it's nearly as good as and inline 6..... I'm gonna put a massive cam in it to make it sound and go much better. That's the update from me And if I have sparked your curiosity - check this out:
  8. It was an S12 with an FJ20ET - sold it - project taking too long. The 3S-GTE wasn't blown up too bad - just a very religious head gasket (holy) and main bearing worn down to the backing plate. She will be re-built - faster , better, stronger Watch out GTR owners :-)
  9. Yes, I know , I know - it's missing 2 cylinders - ya da ya da
  10. Yep - though some of you OG's would find it amusing. B-Manned my GT-4 engine - Celica, not Porsche.... L8R B-Man
  11. B-Man

    Booo Ya !

    B-Man returns. That is all...
  12. Sorry - triple post please delete
  13. Sorry - triple post please delete
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