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  1. Sure thing Anyone else - the above price is where it stands
  2. Thanks WHENNY19 TommO - Ill go $90 inc. express post, pm/email/call me if keen
  3. It was a definate improvement over the standard one for me and you can he induction noise along with some slight flutter and standard bov as well, that being said I had an auto so a manual should be slightly more noticeable as well with gear changes.
  4. Lone


    Im actually from Queensland Its gone down to Taree and as far as I know the guy has some plans for it
  5. Item: BMC Performance Panel Filter to suit standard skyline airbox (fitted a R33, unsure of other models - Ryco A360 equiv. from memory) Location: Toowoomba, QLD. Will express post to anywhere. Item Condition: 6 months old, almost like new as car was barely driven Reason for Selling: Sold car now Price and Payment Conditions: $90 via bank deposit Extra Info: These filters are highly regarded are the performance scen and from memory most outflow the K&N filters. Contact Details: lee@toowoombacarforum.com or 0438 981907
  6. Lone


    Oh well I finally sold my Stagea so I probably wont be on here as much now Thanks to everyones handy advice and tips over the past few months, a big thanks to sydneykid as well, your certainly keeping this section going! Im certain this section will keep on growing as more and more come over here and I cant wait to see what knd of times an dpower figures people start getting out of their stageas
  7. Put me down, anytime after this weekend Anyone here going to jamboree this year?
  8. I have head of quite a few zip ties doing the trick as well, that is the fuel resistant ones In regards to the rear exhaust fitting I haven't heard anyone say it would, but there are many that will vouch the dump pipe will.. In regards to your fuel pump questions, if the stagea uses the same pump setup as a R33, we have some genuine Nippon Denso 260L per hour pumps that fit in with barely any changes at all! In regards to the bosch pumps the 044 is an external pump and the 040 an internal pump..
  9. One big help in 1/4 times will be a manual as well to give a good launch But to keep the auto (more cost effective) sk has noted the most needed upgrades, if you could get a torque convertor to up the revs though would help a bit as well, but then forget about city driving
  10. From memory those ones went for around $320... www.jspec.com.au would be a place to try..
  11. Damn that silver one is hot
  12. Just some photos I have found tonight.. got camber? Series 2 tailights for those that want the clear change http://page3.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c104359595
  13. Once I finish my works website you will be able to buy one off us online a bit cheaper then that, same sensor and used one on mine already with great success Just from memory around $70 but thats with three proper heat shrink connectors
  14. Side ones = current model maxima
  15. Lone

    Stagea Brakes

    Beautiful work there!
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