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  1. hey mate, this head still for sale?
  2. I just bought a Defi BF tacho and its got two different signal wires, you are only supposed to use the one that complies with your engine pulse speed. My question is does anybody know what the engine pulse speed of a 93' S2 RB25DE would be? I cant find anything about it anywhere? http://www.defi-shop.com/product/bfta/bfta_spec.html There are two timing graphs shown on ^that link, which one would match the rb25? Sorry if this is a stupid question but it shows how little I know about this, does the ecu affect the engine pulse speed output? I am running an EMS stinger ECU, so I am wondering if the engine pulse speed is different to one from a standard ECU? If anyone knows anything about this any help would be greatly appreciated. If I haven't given enough details or haven't been clear enough please let me know. Thanks
  3. hey, do you have any of the hubs up for sale? If so how much are you looking for? and do the rears come with the uprights and backing plates?
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