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  1. You're not going to sell anything real quick without including a location, prices and photos.
  2. Can't seem to edit the topic anymore but it also has Nismo short shifter, vertex gear knob, pioneer MP3 player, earthquake splits/tweeters
  3. 1992 SR20DET 180sx (Sil80) 184RWKW’s on ECC’s dyno I picked up the car late last year looking for a cheap track car. Since picking it up I replaced the water pump, put a decent exhaust on it, put a bigger sump on it, new tie rod boots, fitted braided lines, fitted front 5 stud and put a decent radiator in it. The car has had fresh oil in the box, motor and diff within the last 150klms and had new brake fluid 500klms ago. The car has competed in 6 track days this year. The majority of these were practise in the morning and sprints in the afternoon and performed consistently with no issues. Water temp sits on 80 degrees at the track. Car has so far: 59.8 QR sprint 60.1 Lakeside 3rd fastest in the Hardtuned.net track day 29/7/12 with a 1.04 Holden driving centre Mod plated for 2 seater and roll cage (no cage with car) Mods Tomei fuel reg 3” stainless exhaust (removable silencer) Intercooler with short piping Pod filter Koyo copper radiator AU falcon twin thermos on electronic fan controller with temp readout Freddy aftermarket sump Boost guage Tomtech ECU reader- reads all the outputs from the ECU such as timing, injector duty cycle, water temp plus a lot of other variables Battery relocation to the boot Suspension Adjustable castor rods Nismo power brace Aftermarket tie rods and ends with additional lock R33 control arms (more track and camber) Coilovers Front and rear strut braces Adjustable rear camber,toe, traction Toe rod brace Cradle bushes Driveline 5 stud front and rear BM44 brake master R33 GTST brakes front and rear including rear drum handbrake Braided brake lines Nismo short shifter RPM heavy duty clutch 4.08 viscous lsd S15 wheels Body Widebody front and rear (can fit 10” wheels all round no worries) Vertex body kit Includes a fire extinguisher behind the passenger’s seat HID’s Aftermarket grill This car would best suit someone wanting a weekend track car. The body is rough but the motor runs well and the car performs very well. Car will be sold either with or without rego. $8500 with rwc rego till Feb 2013- will have factory steering wheel and factory bonnet $7500 without rego- will include a Nardi wheel, fibreglass vented bonnet For roadworthy it needs a new windscreen as it was cracked at Lakeside from a rock, rear tyres need replacing and a gear boot is needed.
  4. R33 power steering rack with lines and rack ends $50. Brisbane northside 0401 669 900 Jayson
  5. Pair of uprights and hubs, no wheel studs though. $20 Brisbane
  6. You could always buy some 'p' clamps, they come in various sizes.
  7. It's up there, it's just the greddy bov flange welded onto a 2 inch long piece of 2 1/2" stainless pipe. Injectors and exhaust sold
  8. Sorry mate only what's listed. I listed absolutely everything to clear out the shed. Adding S15 injectors $150 firm. Work well, include all O-rings
  9. Note: - Located northside Brisbane - Not posting one $5/$10 item but will post multiple ones or more expensive items. - Contact via pm or 0401 669 900 1. Pair of S13 mirrors $80 2. rear reo bar $30 3. rear number plate lights $20 4. Passenger door including window mechanicals, handle etc straight with pinstripe deleted no glass $80 5. Driver's door including window mechanicals, handle, dented no glass $50 6. Silvia rear taillight garnish (between lights and rear bar) $50 7. Blits 180sx passenger’s vented wide guard GC $50 (no drivers guard) 8. S13 cat back exhaust with twin pipes. Looks like a 5 year old did the welds $20 9. S13 thermostat housing rear $20 10. SR20 auto gearbox mount $10 11. 180sx headlight timer relay and loom $20 12. SR20 injector rail $20 13. SR20 cam gear single $10 14. SR20 cam gears $20 (inlet and exhaust) 15. SR20 Motor brackets for alternator, power steering $20 each 16. Analogue climate control $10 17. Inlet manifold support bracket $15 18. Water pump pulley x2 $5ea 19. Raizin volt stabilizer $40 20. Accelerator pedal x 3 $10 each 21. Fuse box covers x 2 $10 each 22. s13 wiper stalk $20 23. S13 fuel flap $10 some surface rust, otherise good 24. Custom RB25/26 into S13 gearbox crossmember $40 25. Wiper motor $30 26. Bonnet pop latch $20 27. Firewall plastic covers (sits in front of windscreen) $20 28. Wiper motor arms (behind firewall) $30 29. Metal cover that sits over the bottom of the front windscreen $20 30. Centre console surround in black $30 paint average 31. Omori oil temp guage faulty $20 32. SR20 stainless manifold (pin hole in the collector welds) $50 33. Aftermarket steering wheel $40 34. Key hole plastic surround $5 35. S13 front seatbelts (pair) $50 36. Various interior plastics $10 each, too many to list, buy multiples cheaper 37. Bonnet rod/support $20 38. 180sx rear centre garnish, chip in corner $10 39. rear ¼ window rubbers (2 sets) $40 pair 40. Power mirrors controller fits in centre console $20 41. S13/180sx scuff plastics in door sil $30 pair 42. SR20 flex plate (between gearbox and engine) $40 43. Pod filter adaptor $10 44. Plastic trims between the door and ¼ window $40 pair 45. O2 sensor smaller thread $20 46. SR20DE cams and cam gears, will need a tidy up on the lobes $80 pair 47. HKS green mushroom filter $40 48. SR20DET AFM $50 49. SR20 thermostat housing complete $40 50. S13 rear brake lines $40 51. Various turbo oil/water lines $5 each 52. Stainless 2.5” pipe for mounting a Greddy BOV $20 53. Momo horn button $20 54. GFB bleed valve $40 55. SR20DET coil pack looms x 2 $40 each 56. Silicone joiners $10 each 2”, 1.5” 57. R33 castor rod brackets 58. R33 uprights and 5 stud front hubs $50 pair 59. R33 upper camber arm front $30 pair 60. R33 Rear traction arm $30 pair 61. R33 Rear camber arm $30 pair 62. R33 front castor rods $60 pair 63. R33 factory suspension $80 64. R33 power steering rack $100 65. R33 front swaybar $30 66. R33/RB25 engine crossmember $50 Parts I need and will swap parts for: S13 carpet S13 dash S13 cluster S13 centre console S13 silvia front headlights 180sx boot plastics 180sx rear arch plastics SR20 aftermarket radiator
  10. That's not gonna work. I think I might need to get a custom line made. Thanks for the pic.
  11. I'm after a set for 32 GTST but can anybody give me the total length of the rear lines? I've got a modified cradle so just need to double check they're long enough.
  12. They're stepped on the inside as well. How does this change anything? You remove the tyre, undo the bolts and split the seam on the inside of the rim, flip the centre around.
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