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  1. anyone got any good drag rims 18" gtr offset?
  2. Hey guys have a few bits and pieces laying around that id like to try and move along at some stage. They are as follows Yokohama neova tires 225x40x17 x2 about half tread $100 3m of turbo smart 4mm id vac hose $15 4m of 5mm id pro flow vac hose $15 pro-flow -8 y adapter $30 proflow -8 billet 30 micron inline fuel filter $30 2x -8 weld on fittings $10 Nissan fuel rail adapter $20 4x 86-91 mm tridon heavy duty bolt type clamps $15 each will add more as i come across them Cheers Stephen
  3. so in otherwords you have no idea?
  4. off topic does anyone know if the r32 and r33 gtr power steering pulleys are the same and inter-changeable between each other?
  5. anyone know if the r32 and r33 gtr pulleys are the same and inter-changeable?
  6. hey mate looks like she`s coming along quite nicely.
  7. wanted r32 gtr stock fuel rail...
  8. yeah that, a fuel reg and afms are on order, then a tune and will be all set...
  9. yeah i must say it was a pretty average car show, spent about half hr there and left, hardly worth the drive up.
  10. Well after a few interesting weeks of having her gtr of the road and in pieces it is finally all back together and going again with a steady idle just under 1k, all that's left to do now is a few highway runs tomorrow to set the boost controller up... Old Engine bay shot. New Shot with pretty bits fitted...
  11. i have some small 3mm turbosmart stuff left over, about 3m or so
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