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  1. Anywhere in Aus this fine, seeing what's available here before looking to Japan. Budget will really depend on the car. There is some I have seen I would only pay 35k for. Others maybe 55k. I'm happy to go to 55k or more for the right car. Not in a rush just wanting to find the right one for me. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am currently looking to buy a R33 GTR. Will look at any colour provided the car is in good condition. Can be stock or modified. Please PM me or contact me on 0421886198 Thanks
  3. So jealous lol. .new owner should be stoked. Hope the sale goes through smoothly this time.
  4. Nice build buddy, sounds bloody awesome.
  5. Man I'd like to take this off your hands, wish my 33 was sold and I was ready to get another gtr
  6. I think It either means it's not connected properly or isn't getting a reading. What gauge is doing it or are all of them doing the same thing. When I installed some in my gtr i didn't hook the sender to the oil pressure gauge up straight away and it did the same thing, the warning light kept blinking and the gauge obviously didn't read anything. Hope that helps.
  7. Oh yeah fair enough, I thought it must not have been anything major given how you wrote the post. Sounds like a weapon, wished I lived closer so I could catch up with you guys and check it out in person
  8. Did this end up happening?
  9. Wow you have done a great job, make me think I should spend a bit more time on mine. If you weren't so far away I'd be asking for some help haha.
  10. Oh yeah this will be awesome!! Would love to do something like this. Have fun with this Jimmy, I'll definitely be watching this thread for updates Cheers
  11. Hey mate, great build and good to see you have stuck with it! I know what those highs and lows are like.. Looking forward to seeing it finished how you want it. cheers Cale
  12. Hey John, did you end up getting this done?
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