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  1. I got a set of brand new Mahle forged/ceramic coated pistons for sale they suit RB25det with 86.5mm bore perfect for your forge build Rated to 1200hp, I was going to use them in my build but I went with a completely different engine combo Chasing $600ono for them Call or text 0409 484 914 as I don't get time to get on here much Thanks Trevor
  2. TrevR32

    Rising Sunday

    the biggest problem we have is the police commisioner he cant even keep his own kid under control how can this guy be in charge of the whole police department his son was injured in a drug lab explosion, this targeting of modified vehicles is rubbish not just imports its across the board, the police are given the most basic training on how to inspect a vehicle and instantly they are mechanics, I might as well put a blue cap on and a badge and say im a cop but you can get charged for that maybe the should charge cops for impersonating mechanics? If I had the power I bet I could issue at least have the police fleet with defect notices, I worked In fleet for a dealership in know what gets fixed and what doesnt at the moment each car club is a minority but if we can get all performance car people to band as one and make a statement we might be able to get something done, I just dont know how we can do it maybe a massive cruise up to parliement house or something and prove that most people are genuine car people and not just idiots
  3. Hey The First meet for WAW is on this wednesday the 1st of september any one keen on going down? Dont often see a large number of skylines down usually the odd 2 or 3 and me! any way im going Cheers Trevor
  4. Are you talking about the sensor that is mounted on the r/h/s side of the firewall? that is a map sensor that is a map sensor that runs the boost gauge in the instrument cluster and has no connection to the ecu, it sounds like you have an air leak one way you can test for an air leak is to pressurize the intake which is what i did using a 1.25lt coke bottle and a tyre valve, the inlet valves are all open at different times so you need to create a seal i made a gasket and split the inlet manifold and sealed it there. another way to find a leak is to run the car on the dyno and look for a dip in the power curve a bit like valve float on a gen 3 engine if it doesnt dip then you know you dont have a leak, Check you PVC valve too. I put a few genuine hks ssqv on my car and a couple of months later had similar problems so i pressure tested the inlet and found the seal on on the blow off vavle had come off 5 mins to fix car running good again hope this can help Cheers Trev
  5. Any one going down to Whoops ass Wednesday on the 30th of december?
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