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  1. Hey guys, i picked up the wheels from chris yesterday, great bloke to deal with and had everything ready wen i got there! Definately a good bloke to deal with. Cheers Jared
  2. if u mean the multistorey one just a little down the road from the cop shop that is currently half closed due to they are putting another level on? sorry i sound like im trying to argue here... jus trying to help
  3. sounds alright but i dont think i can make it... would anyone b heading out for a cruz after? being a local i must warn u tho good luck finding a parking spot for 30+ cars in cronulla on a satday night?
  4. track day at oran park mid november would b awesome i love that track!!
  5. sounds like an awesome cruz... im just not too keen on bondi if there is defect places but im most likely going to b there, im new so wil b great to meet all u guys... as for the guys comen from wollongong im from the shire so i might meet up with u guys on the way thru? let me no if ur interested?
  6. Hey mate im new but if ur still looken for ppl for the drive im in wouldnt mind seeing some of the other guys cars... just to clarify is it 530 at riverwood or 530 leaving the rocks to drive to riverwood? if its a 530 leave from the rocks and cruz to riverwood im definately up for that, i just couldnt b at riverwood by 530... ive got a gun metal r32 gtst... congrats anyways mate
  7. thanks everyone for all your replys... the car is hopefully getting dyno'd and checked out on tuesday through a mates car club for nice and cheap im thinking the problem is most likely AFM, but now thinking it might b the fuel pump cause that would make sense as im pretty sure the original one is still in there... i might have to check that out!! thanks guys
  8. Thanks GTST.... soz i forgot to mention, anywhere but autosport all my mates that hav had turbo cars have gone there and all my mates have regretted it, they have had nothing but problems there... ive herd good things about CV performance in taren point/Caringbah tho? has anyone had any dealings with them?
  9. thanks for ur replys... ive checked the wires going to the ecu and all seem to be fine... i also cleaned the AFM which made it run great for half a day and then it went back to running bad but not as bad which i thought was wierd n i couldnt figure out y it would run awesome for a few hours and then start acting up again? so i pulled off the AFM again and checked it all out again and everything was still very clean. Yeah i replaced the ignition barrell but the wires at the back were un damaged as the backend of the ignition barrell remained untouched... i think it might b tym to take it s professional... does anyone no of a good mechanic around the sydney area?
  10. Most will flutter wen u put a pod filter on it even if the BOV is stock, just depends on the filter, it will usually make the flutter wen its lower in the revs ie 3500 rpm and more of a short shap sound wen higher in the revs... the flutter is prtty annoying tho all it creates is unwanted attention. unlucky about the defect ive been pulled over a few times and the car searched for defects and the cops have never sed anything about my after market BOV... luckily nearly everything else in my car is engineered.
  11. Sorry i spose i should have added the problems just started like pretty much as soon as the car was stolen and was probably just a coincidence... ive already tried removing the ecu over night, and i have already changed the spark plugs.. the damages caused wen the car was stolen was, the ignition barrell was ripped out, window smashed and ecu removed and thrown on the back seat...
  12. haha u definately dont wanna do this haha they get the worst reception mine barely works
  13. Hey guys Ive recently bought myself an R32 Gtst and all was running great wen i bought it. After having the car for a little over a week, someone idiot decided they were going to try and steal it from my house, they were unsuccessful, but did leave me with alot of damages to pay for. Since then the car has not been running properly and feels like it loses spark, for instance i might b driving along and all of a sudden the car will miss fire rapidly and lose all of its power, this is not consistant with a certain rev range and does not happen every gear but happens alot. and also has problems idleing has anyone had any similar problems before and could throw any ideas towards me to wat the problem might b? the only ideas i have thought of are the ecu has an error or is broken? and ideas would b greatly appreciated! Jared
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