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  1. Yer have plugs gapped to 0.8 mm problem improved but still there. I use motul turbolight 10w40 never had this problem before after years of using it so can rule that out. Could be R&R but isnt that high in the rev range not low? Unlikely fuel pump as only around 2-3k not up high when fuel pressure is highest. Going to try a mates gtr coilpacks that apparently work, got another mate who has a stagea so might swap coils and see if that rectifies problem.
  2. Yer running 10 psi with standard computer and other supporting mods. Will misfire in low revs between 2-3k with high load in 4th/5th at say 70-90. Problem is worse when it is cold too... I'm thinking coilpacks on the way out but wouldnt that mean it would miss up high not down low? Please any similiar experiences?
  3. No it isnt really. But getting to the root of the problem is better than a temporary fix dont you think?
  4. Your toe will be adjusted to standard specs, these are best for tyre wear not necessarily going fast. It is very important for tyre wear that an alignment is performed whenever you get new tyres. An Alignment will also improve handling, straightline stability and speed and braking. Its fairly important!
  5. Do the BOV's sound the same from when you first got the car? You could take them off and check them for damage. Could always upgrade too.
  6. Mate the more you change your oil the better. Higher quality oil allows you to go harder for longer. You will notice the differenence with higher quality oil, the only question what do you want to do with the car. I personally use Motul 10w40 like 95% of this forum i think and change it when it starts to get black usually after 3000k's. All up to you mate how much do you love your RB?
  7. Have you looked in the manuals trouble shooting?
  8. Nissan Skyline R33 GTST Coupe 5spd Manual Car has been my pride and joy, oil changed every 2500 k's and full major service every 15000 k's. Always used BP Ultimate 98 octane petrol. Washed every week and polished every month. Always warmed up and warmed down. Recently performed a compression test which came back very good. Kilometers - 130,000 Reason for selling – started an apprenticeship with very low wages, would love to keep it but cannot justify the costs anymore. List of modifications - Engine Turbo back 3 inch exhaust with custom dump pipe, High flow cat, Resonator, 5 inch X-force cannon muffler K&N Pod filter with custom aluminium cold air intake box 80mm FMIC with custom aluminium cold air intake piping Apexi Pen Turbo timer Gates Timing Belt Drivetrain Heavy duty organic clutch rated at 240 rwkw installed 6 months ago (Is really easy to drive, not heavy at all.) Lightened Flywheel C's short shifter kit Suspension Tein Super street Fully adjustable coilovers Whiteline adjustable front and rear sway bars Adjustable Castor bushes Tomei Hicas Lock kit Bridgestone Adrenaline Potenza RE-001 Tyres, rear 235/45/17 9 inches wide have 50% tread and front are Rockstone 235/45/17 8 inches wide have 95% Audio Pioneer DEH-P8650MP Head unit JL VR Front Component speakers JL TR Rear 2 way speakers Jensen 2 channel 400 watt amp Miscellaneous RACQ Heavy duty battery Advanti Tri-spoke rims, 17X8 on front and 17X9 on rear This R33 is one of the best handling ones out there, I drove it today for the first time in months and was shocked at how good it drives. I dont mean to talk the car up with exaggeration i was honestly exhilarated by its handling and balance. The car is in very good condition for its age, there are a few nicks here and there on the paint and one scrape on the left quarter panel but nothing major. Any questions please feel free to call or PM me I will be happy to talk about my car, any EOI's are very welcome. My phone number is 0433587876. I work normal hours and not always with my phone so you may have to leave a message. Located in the West side of Brisbane. PRICE - $11,500 I am negotiable on price
  9. What application? How much money? How much power?
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