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  1. Ever since I have owned my R34 GTT ( 2 yrs + ) the car has always felt lethargic, almost as if it was holding back. So after ruling out many other factors by trial and error a compression test was performed by a reputable workshop in Sydney. results are : Cylinder 1 - 185 psi Cylinder 2 - 179 psi Cylinder 3 - 88 psi Cylinder 4 - 90 psi Cylinder 5 - 160 psi Cylinder 6 - 182 psi Really ugly numbers I know, A leakdown test was performed as well and the end diagnosis was that air was leaking back through the throttle body. The workshop believed that the failure was a headgasket and a valve not seating properly. They also believed that the problem was isolated to the top end, they didn't believe that it was a bottom end failure The car doesn't use any oil or blow smoke nor does it stain the rear bar or smell of burnt oil. Of late I can hear a sound very much like a tappet sound if I am slowly driving it revving beyond 2000rpm. It is most noticeable under the lightest of acceleration or holding it at 2000 rpm upwards. but cant be heard under heavy acceleration. Very soon the Cylinder head will be coming off and sent away for a full freshen up and then visually inspect the bores. My question is what could have caused this to fail ? The car is stock ecu and Turbocharger but I believe this wasn't always the case. The turbo has been removed at some point in its history.... but I'm just looking for answers as to why as I don't want this to happen again once the head is sorted
  2. With respect to LeatherFX I won't publicly put the price up as quotes can vary and I'm sure that LeatherFX wouldn't want things done that way
  3. R34 Steering wheel retrimmed Hi all I just had my R34 GTT wheel retrimmed in fresh leather. As you can see the old wheel is totally sundamaged and generally worn out.I could have just gotten another wheel from a wrecking yard but as this is a factory MOMO it is kinda rare and I really want it like new. A Huge Thank You to Drew from LeatherFX for what is really a remarkable job. The photos really don't do the wheel justice, It looks better than I had hoped for..
  4. provided the tune is good that power level is no major strain on the engine. Factory internals are pretty good on 25 neos. Yes it can be improved on but for this level of power no need to waste the money
  5. How is your rear steer ? Any worn hicas components ? rear tie rod end ? wheel alignment been checked ? I am running these tyres at the moment....They are a little noisy at hghway speed. but so far so good
  6. Bought myself a 34 gtt recently. Spent thousands getting the bodywork right, next will be freshening up the driveline. I went without one for 10 yrs and now I'm back in one. Eventually Skylines will be bought up by the collectors and enthusiasts. Go fast boys will just move on to the next trend car
  7. Job done. Purchased a bulb from Jaycar however I ran into problems as the wiring was the soft copper type and the bulb wouldn't seat properly. As I had just replaced the climate control with LED bulbs the easiest solution was to remove the bulb from the t3 fitting and put it into the silicon fitting. Not an overly difficult job but very fiddly. But if you need to buy the whole bulb+fitting the number on the back of the fitting is tsd 077 .This kind of bulb is used in many other kinds of cars. The only other advice is to use precision screwdrivers and prise the switch apart gently while the switch is depressed so the spring doesn't go flying out.
  8. just jap has them at a good price...maybe they can freight them to you
  9. have you had the fault codes checked ? My guess is it's coming up as fault 21 - ignition. In which case your coil packs are faulty
  10. Hi all Getting a slight driveline noise most noticeable below 60 and usually happens at 1500 - 1800 rpm. Driving with the windows down it sounds like it is coming from the tailshaft area.Kind of a chattery sound for maybe 200-300 rpm. Just want to know has anyone changed an R34 tailshaft bearing?, and where is the best place to buy from ( part number ). Are R34 GTT centre bearings the same as previous models ? The car is a turbo manual, and I am located in Sydney. Also as I don't really have the equipment to do the job myself , If anyone can recommend a workshop for this I'd appreciate it thanx
  11. I have these on my daily as well. For the price they are a really good tyre, Good dry grip, very good in the wet. No road noise and zero tramlining. My only criticism would be the sidewalls do seem a little soft and will flex a little more than I would like when pushed hard into a corner. But otherwise a good value underrated tyre
  12. Leon did my car recently. Top notch job, nice guy. I highly recommend him
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