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  1. haha both of you still around here.... even you guys must be getting age'd by now
  2. I have a 6x4 trailer you can live in, uses rainwater for the shower but you can only shower when it rains. Rolls on some pretty sick 15" steelies and will fit in a 2 car lockable garage if that helps?
  3. haha i logged on for the first time in 4 years or something just to see what was going on and who is still around
  4. Jesus Shan, you still lurk around here...
  5. Yeah it looks awesome at night
  6. haha hopefully. To make it fair on you lot though I will bring the Elgrand and only use 1st and 2nd
  7. inark

    Old Age

    Not a skyline anymore but at least its made in the right country and makes the right noises.
  8. haha yeah 3 now. Honestly anything really. Only just recently updated my camera to something reasonable from my ancient 350D haha So just random photos when we are out at places if something catches my eye. Carlton Gardens is always a great place, right around dusk. Docklands there are countless places... my favourite for cars was ACCA on sturt st at night. Awesome looking building when its lit up
  9. Yeah always had a bit of a thing for the shape, and being so dam light means mild power like this one has propels it at a pretty good rate of knots Just working on the looks of this one now with a bit of rice seeing as the engines worked enough for now.
  10. haha yeah sold that ages ago... then got another one... sold that... got a 57 Chev... sold that, now this Yeah still taking photos here and there, not of cars or anything though
  11. lol Ash... she also had the faster car too
  12. The new toy. Certainly moves, not a skyline, having 3 kids means they are no longer viable.
  13. inark

    My Skyline R32

    Starter will not stop dash lights coming on nor any other electrical items from working. The solenoid seizing will simply stop your car from cranking over. So, if you still have power, radio works, lights work etc but the car will not turn over then yes most likely the solenoid. Bitch to replace in a driveway (I know I had to replace mine and that top bolt is a ****) but not hard. If your radio and lights don't work and it still wont crank over then there is something else wrong with it
  14. haha its funny because its true... well the not having Skylines part anyway.
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